A subject on the minelevels and merging

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  • Of course but we are moving around 800 account right? times that by an average of 6 towns and that gives you 4800 towns with that making it 300 islands worth of towns ?? Surely there wont be enough spaces with free spots?? I honestly dont know just figured there wouldnt be enoug space for everyone but i certainly will be on asap to try and find the right islands! ha

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  • Ika-world shows, that PI server has 5351 islands. 5351*17 (free spot per island) = 90967 island spot. 90967/12 (max town number) = 7580 player if all player has 12 town, but of course they dont have, the average town number is between 7-9.

    The first 1319 island has level 30 or higher forest and level 24 or higher luxury mine. And there are full island and there are empty island, so if you are fast, you will get good islands.

    These infos are from the January statistic.
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  • Guys my current score is 2,965,996 before my merge into Pi I had about 2 mil and 18 days where enough for me to spend all those and have around a week left. Granted I donated all to solo islands, but even with others donating it should be more then enough. Also GF will give you extension if you sorely need it, like they did last time