Latvian Legion [-LL-]

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  • Latvian Legion [-LL-]

    Latvian Legion [-LL-]


    Latvian Legion is an international alliance based in Latvia.
    It is a home for all Latvian players to come together and help each other out.
    Non-Latvian player are also welcome, as long as -LL- sees use in them,
    so non-Latvians are kindly requested to send a proper applications,
    that include links to combat reports and good reasons as to
    why we should let you in.
    We require our members to be active players,
    who aren't farms and are team players. If you think you
    have what it takes, please show us your interest, and we
    could possibly have a great time ahead of us!

    Alliance positions are constantly being updated on our external page,
    but the current leadership consists of:

    Leader: Lone Wolf

    General: Ksa_Killer
    Home Secretary: Dandijs
    Diplomat: grotnot

    Non English Removed - Hera