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  • KillTheLeader wrote:

    Any words from GF on this would be nice

    It takes time...It will be reported to GF. If it gets denied, Hera will post to say so. If it gets accepted, then players will get news about it via this Board forum (in Game News section) and through ingame popup announcement of any possible future server(s).
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  • Which name should we use for the new kind of ship? 186
      Boaty McBoatFace (34) 18%
      Dark Ram (19) 10%
      Trireme (16) 9%
      Bullnose Ram (12) 6%
      Galeon (10) 5%
      Golden Ram (8) 4%
      The Flying Dutchman (8) 4%
      Barbarian Ram Ship (8) 4%
      Galley (7) 4%
      Spartan (7) 4%
      Barbarian Galleas (7) 4%
      Muffin Ship (7) 4%
      Berserker Boat (5) 3%
      Fugly (5) 3%
      Destroyer (5) 3%
      Battlecruiser (4) 2%
      Longship (3) 2%
      Unicorn (3) 2%
      Sloppy sailing boat (3) 2%
      Odin Destroyer (3) 2%
      Bullean (3) 2%
      Dragon Ship (3) 2%
      Barbarian Pentekonter (2) 1%
      Ormurin Langi (1) 1%
      Carabela (1) 1%
      Raging Ram (1) 1%
      Bullhorns massive ship (1) 1%
      Carnavon Ship (0) 0%
      Pan's Ram (0) 0%
    I would love to transfer my 30M Beta account to a no-multi server. Not because I'd be close to the top - I'm that already and it's not an issue for me - but because I want a level playing field.
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  • After a lot of consideration I think i would like the server, wouldnt move an account just because I like my alliance and friends I play with but wouldn't mind starting another from scratch but I dunno I just cant see it happening unfortunately!!

    Would be good just to see the multi ability removed from the game though!! :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

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  • It's not just Demeter...Beta has the same problem with multis as the younger servers. The younger servers have to deal with multis feeding piracy points, choking out island chains, funneling resources to primary accounts and the like. Older servers have to deal with these things too but our larger accounts leave us better equipped to handle that aspect of multi use. What Beta is struggling with are accounts with 6.5M GS or alliances made up of 200+ members with 20M total generals...multis feeding gold and military through black markets to give their primary accounts unlimited gold and military.
  • didnt see this earlier.. i thought it was cheaters who did it, but apparently that was all legal... LOL thats the worst that can ever happen in any game..
    totally agree for multi-free server, would even charge max ambrosia for it, i thought demeter was like that, but unfortunnately...
  • In the rules you are not alowed to circumvent interact etc etc

    If the GF/GOs inplemented the rule effectively we would see an end to most multi abuse - There's caveats tucked away in the T&C which mean they can pretty much stop anyone doing anything if GF see fit

    It would appear they do not have the right tools

    some un registered multis are also under the radar by cheating players using IP masking and /or simply picking up wifi or cable utp to a neighbor's link

    How can they be proud to call themselves warriors?

    I can tell you how - most Iranians measure their honor by who can cheat best - one of them boastingly told me this

    We have given GF a simple effective mechanism suggestion to really cut this down - make BM sales impossible for a week after vmode re-ermegence - even then there were nay sayers - probably trolls who just post on the board and don't actually play beyond baby level.

    What would I do if I were in charge? - summarily shut down all accounts over 250k gens and go through them with a fine toothed forensic comb to have them prove they did not cheat to acquire such ridiculous gens futures gold etc

    Simples. Tools is what you need.

  • Deliverance de Baldus wrote:

    I am fighting in a war server - it's called Beta

    we are fightng Iranian multis that have misused so many things at so many levels... and they laugh at the GOs

    I am new GO in Beta. If you have proof, or suspect foul play, please report the players involved. All reports are examined. It helps if you put a little bit down on HOW you think they violate the game rules, instead of just reporting and not writing anything about it.
  • xclr82xtc wrote:

    all you have to do is look at the top generals scores and traders scores and its pretty easy to figure out.
    Yup,it's a no brainer for sure and anyone who's played honestly will know what numbers are impossible to achieve without cheating.
    The fact that the numbers are hundreds of times higher then even most cheaters would run shows that they really do not care about getting caught because no one really checks them out or scrutinizes these accounts.
  • Sorry, I don't know why this has even been allowed to go as far as it was. This suggestion should have never made it past the drawing board. Sorry for that.

    xclr82xtc wrote:

    This will need to be enforced. Each time you add a layer of authentication, you make it harder and harder for people to use multiple accounts. I suggest 3 levels of verification.

    Which is the most stupid thing you could do as a publisher/developer. Every hurdle is one hurdle too much. Research a bit about churn management, initial hurdles and entry. You'll find very quickly that - no offense - users are a rather lazy people. The more hurdles you create the less players you actually keep at the end of the funnel.

    Furthermore with German (European) data protection regulations many of those nice "this is a surefire way to keep cheaters out, why don't you morons use it?" plans some users like to regularly come up with like as if we're brainless monkeys who would have never thought of that are simply not feasible, sometimes not even allowed. Yeah, sure it would be cool to live in a "gaming world" such as Korea or the rest of the asian areas, where usually if you want to play an MMO or any online game you have to provide your social insurance number and once that one is blocked it's "good bye online gaming in total" because they all are connected and you only ever get ONE of those numbers your whole life. Or would it? Think of the implications. He, who discards freedom for security does not deserve either. Same thing here. I'd rather be free and not give anyone who has no actual real need for it my social security number and gladly endure the pain that is multi players or other cheaters. It's a game after all, for heaven's sake. Just ignore the bad boys and let us take care of them. Don't make them your issue.