A reflection of our time on Sigma

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    • A reflection of our time on Sigma

      Looking back on our time on Sigma (yes, I/we are already talking in the past tense) we, as an alliance, have a number of reflections.

      We are using the closing of Lambda as a period of time things changed for us, rather than the initiation of pirating due to the difference the way world members approached and achieved status. In Lambda, all played the game as it was built to be played. Players intensely learned the tricks, the features and teamwork to dominate. We, in EDMW, freely shared members' findings to make the alliance stronger. We found our enemies did not, and that made the difference in our domination.

      This feature did not work for us in Sigma due to new members who secretly guarded their attributes. Initially, this was jarring to us, but we adapted and allowed it thinking the alliance as a whole may benefit from it. Our alliance did not. This mistake will not be duplicated in our next world.

      We, in EDMW, have always had only a few rules. We maintained that and have let members "play their own game". That is still working for us therefore this will continue in the new world.

      We have never reacted without proof to any situation. That worked well for us in Lambda, we continued it in Sigma and will continue that in the new world.

      We have always known alliances that cheat, lie, and pulled dirty tricks on us trying to destroy us from both without and within. This fact did not change in Sigma only the names and tricks changed. Our strength comes from the opposite. Member's pride in knowing this has contributed to our maintaining high numbers.

      Lambda, Sigma, Rho, Pi we have always been disgusted with the liars, cheaters and the selfish. This has not changed and will not change. We have lost members due to this philosophy, and probably will again. We accept that. Cheaters never really win. How can a person feel otherwise? Not sure, but I guess they do. So have at it ;). We'll be watching you implode.
    • Oh, boy... here we go again, lol

      Trying to make a name for an alliance of sleepers on the new server already? You'll have a very hard time trying to dominate whatever server you're going to. With 90% of your members just building and doing nothing else? With fighting skills commonly referred to as MRVL-EDMW school of fighting? Yeah, right, lol

      But .... good luck, General! :)

    • "We, in EDMW, have always had only a few rules. We maintained that and have let members "play their own game". That is still working for us therefore this will continue in the new world."
      Just remember back.
      They see me spammin', they hatin'
    • @Pacific

      you voluntarily left EDMW. There was a discussion beforehand and I do forget the specifics. I imagine it was about pirates since that is your main and only game. However, we don't hold grudges, therefore I don't remember what the exact reason. Were you upset about pirate treaties? Not sure. But read my words again "we have few rules"; the rules we do have must be followed by all.

      If you want to discuss your leaving and debate the reasons now, after almost a year, we can do that. Here out in the open or in a pm either way is fine.


      As always your words are nonsensical. They show your thinking as untrained, immature and illogical. I could refute the specifics but it is just too easy. You do better to not write as it is then in posterity. You have been caught in many lies, many fabrications, many delusions. I fear that will follow you until Dr. Phil locks you up with his duel diagnosis center.

      Try playing in the big league without lying and cheating. Impossible.
    • Examining the human history, the following pattern emerges: "fighter" nations crush some "builder" nations, and can even be splendid for a few decades, but eventually they all crumble into dust in the wind of time. Those civilizations that live long and prosper are those that prioritize building over fighting, but are also capable of resolving issues via military at the necessary cost -- and nothing more, so that they can return to building as soon as possible. Among them, it's the ones that value and respect diversity and communication that have the potential to become top power of an era. Barbarians harass mighty empires, achieve tactical victories here and there, and boast about it, as if they were indeed better off, but in a thousand years, while people tell stories about these great empires, who will remember those barbarian tribes?

      EDMW is a long-term ally of my own alliance. It was the #1 alliance the day I came from Ypsilon to Sigma, and it is still the #1 alliance when I'm leaving Sigma for Pi, and from the post of @gmmk, I have faith that it will be (or soon become) the #1 alliance on the new server. It builds very well, and has the necessary military capacity to ensure they can build mostly unhindered. EDMW allows its members to "play their own games" and encourage members to learn from each other, despite all the emerging complexities and difficulties. Those are traits of the greatest empires.

      Of course, EDMW, like my own alliance, has been constantly harassed by "barbarians" that think it brings them glory and honor to scream "V R NOT AFRAID OF U AND V CAN KICK UR @$$". A few of them were able to do it for years, at the price of minimal TS growth over the years. The majority of them, however, have crumbled into dust in the wind of time. Their challenging EDMW, if anyone could remember at all, would just be regarded as jokes. The only real danger to EDMW, and to my own alliance as well, is being provoked by these petty, puny nuisances into adopting a military-oriented route. Sun-Tzu pointed out that warfare, especially prolonged warfare rots a country. Any country who prioritize military over building will fail pathetically in the long run. Do not forget, when a new user register on Sigma, they click on the Alliance ranking, and EDMW will be there, on the top, and some other alliances can't even make into top 20 which will probably be ignored by this new user. That can't be altered, however hard our enemies fight, or however good fighters they think they might be.

      Wish you the best!
    • Took you long to respond, General ;)

      In your description of me you forgot to say that I'm a paranoid drug abuser and a few other things.... but... to set the record straight, why I see your alliance as a good for nothing alliance.... 90% of EDMW are builders, they haven't even bothered to build any kind of defenses, lazy to the core, want to fair well in piracy but too lazy to actually do any pirating.... ergo they need to flex their muscles by attacking raiders... which is fine, as EDMW 'fighters' send 4k ships from 2 days distance directly to the town they want to occupy... that's just an example.... of 11-12k troops without checking whether the port they are going to is actually available for landing, etc.... that's the famous MRVL-EDMW school of fighting, and that's the 10% of the alliance actually interested in any kind of fighting.
      Out of the remaining 90%, there are 2 'fighting' accounts that belong to General, and a few others.... all the good fighters, e.g. Tyndael, Lorca, Steveo, the_Farmer etc. have not fought in months, i think i can easily say over 6 months.... the question is why? RL took precedence? Could be... but all of them at the same time? Not likely.

      You, my dear General, fought an alliance of 8 (eight) members for a year with some help from MRVL and uMAD (about 200 members altogether, give or take a few).... and then you finally gave up... In over a year you were not able to make a dent in our alliance, let alone anything more drastic.

      All I was saying in my previous post was that there is no way that anyone who gets to know you and members of your alliance will ever let you dominate the server. Your alliance is not worth making deals with as you can't fight, you can't pirate, you can only build, that's all you're capable of.

      As for you spotting liars and cheats.... you have the biggest liar and cheat on the server in your own alliance, you have been warned about him not by outsiders, but by members of EDMW, and you still chose to do nothing, i.e. kick him out. Right now he's working very closely with ambro queen of uMAD (aren't you fighting them now?), and you're still turning a blind eye on him. It seems you have your own agenda and EDMW as an alliance is just a nice nest you can boast... high GS, high gold, many members.... it's all for nothing, hun, if you can't use that GS properly (and you've proved that you can't), if you squander gold (I loved watching both EDMW and MRVL gold go down, lol), and if you can't motivate your members (and you can't, it's as clear as daylight). So....

      Good luck dominating the server you land on, General ;)
      I bet your fighting and pirating skills will be challenged on the new server. You'll certainly have a chance to prove how much your alliance is actually worth. With or without the help of MRVL (I'd say you are both going to the same server, aren't you? Who else are you going to have an MPP with? lol.... You start a fight, you are fought back, you holler for help and bring the MPP issue out - 'We were attacked, unprovoked. You need to protect us, that's in the agreement! .... and when MRVL steps in, you step out, lol....... god, that MPP was a joke! I'm not a fan of jokes, but that was a good one :thumbup: )

      I'll keep making use of my delusional, paranoid, illogical thinking as it has served me exceptionally well, especially in your case, and I'll leave you to defend your alliance's honor on the new server :)

      @ PONY .... Leave history to historians, please ... they at least know what they are talking about.

    • landian wrote:

      @ PONY .... Leave history to historians, please ... they at least know what they are talking about.

      As I said in a different reply on this board, my own proud nation is a good example of my argument. My nation has been a great builder for 5,000 years, but it had its military defeats to militaristic foreign powers. In fact, it has been conquered a few times. It was conquered by Mongolians in the 13th century, but their governing lasted less than a century before being expelled, and nowadays, comparing to my country, Mongol is but a humble inland country. It was conquered by the Jurchen people in 17th century, but the conquerors were assimilated under the influence of our culture in mere decades, and now they're part of our nation. It was utterly defeated -- the extent of defeat far exceeds any "victory" SnM has achieved or will ever achieve -- by the Brits in the 1st Opium War. In a mere century and a half, when we demanded Hong Kong back from the Brits, they returned it without objection because they lack the power to materialize an objection. The Japs almost conquered my nation, and my nation expelled them (admittedly, with minor collaboration with USA and other allies). Now, Japanese is little more than a lapdog of USA, while my country dares say "no" to anyone on this planet, and is building quickly yet steadily into THE most influential power in East Asia. These powers I mentioned above actually conquered my nation for however brief a time. There are countless barbarian tribes that has harassed our border. Their impact on us, albeit minimal, is still much greater than any laughable "military feat" SnM has ever achieved on any major power of Sigma. Nowaday these tribes have long gone extinct or been assimilated by larger nations, and no one (except the top specialists) bothers remembering their names.

      If you wanna cite counter-examples of my argument from history, or talk about specific details of the examples I cited above to invalidate my argument, by all means, go ahead. Otherwise, I'll just assume your history knowledge is inferior to me.
    • anyone who thinks play in ikariam is any similar to real life history and how real life work is an idiot

      Pony only one time i had pleasure to face to ou and that time you were t rex and your response for our war with t rex was that you leech my miracle, when you had more towns in island then mine. so don't assume you have any skill in fighting at all. and about historical knowledge. well i don't know your historical knowledge maybe bigger. this is not place to talk about that.but your ikariam knowledge is surely inferior.

      Shug you are always jumping straight to insults that often relates to real life shows how mature you are. please look at yourself before going to accuse others.

      This is a game for fun. i improved my game skills by fighting larger forces then me and winning. my enemies stayed where they were before and choose to dump their forces on us without any try of strategy or improvements. just saying we have more men. we can take damage.
      this is a game dears. not a place to compensate for life wrongdoings. play it as a game.

      Alpha - RUN

      Pi - Bane, SnM

      Gaia - UN

      "Real life? Never heard of that server"
    • There is one thing I learnt about history and that is that people have not learnt anything from it, unfortunately. They just made better weapons (and by weapons i mean all kinds of weapons, not just those used on battle fields), so they can threaten other nations with them, that's all.
      So no, I'm not diving into another futile lesson on history.... different names, different dates, different places, the outcome is always the same......
      This is primarily and only a game, and world politics have nothing to do with it. It's absolutely beside the point to discuss which country/nation did what in history, it can only create tensions that are not needed in a game.... either you play as a citizen of the world, or stop playing.... and Pony, you must be a member of the illustrious MRVL, aren't you? lol

      SnM has been around for quite some time, we are small, flexible, exceptionally active, practice 'all for one and one for all' approach to playing this game... that's where we differ greatly from dinosaur alliances like MRVL and EDMW. Those alliance have quite a different approach..... 10% kinda fight, other 90% slack and build.

      Example 1: EDMW fighting us for a year - never seen more than 15 members coming after us, and was at the peak of their activity.... other 70+ members were just relaxing and building in a manner 'who cares what General says, there are others who can fight'

      Example 2: a month or so ago kairo tried to raise MRVL 'fighters' to come after us..... except for him trying to lock down one of our islands and bleeding gold profusely at the same time, Newt - who was losing close to 1 mil gold a day but never actually fought, kaltc - who backed out and ran because he was low on gold - promised to come back when his finances allowed him to but that never happened, and Terry Came - who basically ran as soon as he arrived, nobody else cared to move a muscle.... 4 members....out of 88... what an alliance!

      No point in going on with examples because all of them sound exactly the same.

      Accept the fact, Pony, that this is a GAME played by people from all over the world, and leave history and world politics out of it. You can talk about alliances, you can talk about players, but not about countries or nations.

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    • @ Pony

      wonderful, thoughtful post. I understood it and agree 100%

      @ Avenger. Those that know, know what they know. Those that don't know, don't know what they don't know. You are in the second category.

      @Landian go make your own reflection thread instead of trolling here or don't you know what a reflection is? I'm sure that's it.

      Another reflection that i need to work on - patience for those of little mental capacity.

      The post was edited 1 time, last by gmmk ().

    • gmmk wrote:

      @ Avenger. Those that know, know what they know. Those that don't know, don't know what they don't know. You are in the second category.
      right back at you dear.
      one point will always be same. as a alliance you may have fought off and survived but as a player you have no chance against any of our single player even with bigger TS.
      Do you dispute that?
      please dispute that ;)

      Alpha - RUN

      Pi - Bane, SnM

      Gaia - UN

      "Real life? Never heard of that server"

      The post was edited 1 time, last by Avenger. ().

    • Go ask Dr Phil for help, General :)
      I'm sure he'd be able to come up with the right 'life strategy' for you if you only asked him. After all, he's a clinical and forensic psychologist, he should be able to help you.

      BTW, if you didn't want comments on your 'reflections' on your life on sigma, you should have kept them to yourself.... reflect on your glorious days on sigma in peace and quiet of our own home, away from your computer, tablet or whatever you're using, no interference from anyone, I promise :)
      But... since you posted your 'reflections'... and, in doing so, tried to make your alliance sound much much better than it really is... sorry, had to interfere, lol

    • Yes, this is a game, played for our enjoyment. And I derive joy from this game by building up my TS while secretly mocking the "fighters" who wasted resources on building troops. Of course others derive joy from this game in very different ways than mine, but I generally don't interfere with them, because they cannot interfere with me, even if they wish to. Maybe me and my alliance have a reputation of being poor fighters in the eyes of some, but I, as well as most members of my alliance, haven't got attacked and farmed all that much as a consequence. In shorter words, we suffered little consequence from our fighting skill.

      Needless to say, this game is different from the real world in numerous ways, and experience drawn from real world cannot be directly applied to this game without due reconsideration. The analogies I made in my previous posts, however, held because: 1. EDMW is the #1 alliance on Sigma by the most widely accepted standard: total TS of all members; 2. The interference from SnM and other alliances haven't been successful in bringing EDMW down to #2 over the years -- in fact, from all the rankings available in-game, it's hard to even spot any impact other alliances made on EDMW; these are established facts for everyone to see, and postulation: if EDMW constantly wasted more than 15+ players going after SnM, and if my alliance constantly wasted more than 4 members going after SnM, I'm afraid it'll eventually put a huge negative impact on our TS accumulation. These are indeed analogous to what happened in history.

      Anyway, if you don't wanna talk about real life history and wanna talk about Ikariam instead, fine, let's talk about the following features of Ikariam:

      1. In Ikariam, the maintenance cost is huge comparing to training cost, and it has NOT yet been possible to pillage gold in Ikariam. Consequentially, every late-game player can only maintain a very small army without going quickly into bankruptcy -- by "very small" I mean: the lumber and sulfur needed to build them all, from 0 GS to 40k GS, is but a tiny fraction of what should be in the warehouse of such a player, and the time needed to build them all is at most days, again a tiny fraction of the total game time of such a player. This is the reason smaller players (in terms of TS) can challenge larger players on almost equal footing.

      2. In Ikariam, pillaging resources is highly inefficient comparing to similar games. The maximal number of cargo ship is quite small (friend bonus is hard to maintain) comparing to the total resource a late-game player typically have, the cargo ships have to travel back and forth every run, the wall has to be brought down every run, and the tedious pillaging process cannot be legally automated. I've browsed through many CR, and few of other players can do 12-16 pillage runs in 24 hours (as I do to the inactives) with each run carrying over 100k goods. And as I just checked my warehouse, even if someone start pillaging me today, 15 runs a day, 100k goods a run, with zero resistance from me, my warehouses won't be depleted until late June. This, combined with the previous point, indicates that the loss from military defeat is often minuscule.

      3. In Ikariam, Offensive score decays. Defensive score decays. Master Builder score does not decay. Scientist score does not decay. General score does not decay but, as explained in point #1, it can never be built too high. What's the result? Both "builders" and "fighters" achieve things in the game. But the achievement of "builders" will last while the achievement of "fighters" will NOT last. When I write this post, my offensive score is higher than Landian's. I admit Landian is a better fighter than I am, a more active fighter than I am, and has killed maybe 20x more enemies than I have in our respective career. She might have not fought much recently and her score decayed. However, if someone newly came to Sigma, and the offensive score ranking is shown to him, and he's asked "Which of these two is more likely a better fighter, Pony ranking #22 or Landian ranking #30". What will his answer likely be? Of course, people like Landian may say: "I don't give a damn about some stupid ranking. I crushed my enemy, and that's sufficient for me to be happy and to consider myself an accomplished player." Well, if you just wanna enjoy yourself and don't wanna be publicly acknowledged, I mean, who can stop you from doing that, just like who can forbid you from master-baiting in your own bedroom?

      4. To be successful in Ikariam has little to do with skill. Ultimately it boils down to "other quit while you don't" and then "others take break from the game while you don't". For example, when I saw the statement of this "Avenger", I checked back my islands, and I don't think any one of my current neighbors is him. Maybe what he claimed is true, I don't remember, but as of now, he has left Sigma, or at least left my islands, so whatever superior skill and knowledge he possesses has no impact on me. Back on Ypsilon, I hadn't got a chance to be #1 TS, ever, until all with higher TS than mine either quit or got banned. Ikariam is a dying game, dozens of people go inactive every day. Many supposedly "better" players have quit and been forgotten, what good does their "skill" do?
    • I think I've met my match in writing long posts :P

      My dear Pony, the account that i have on sigma is not my main account. That one is on beta and it's almost twice the size of your account here, so let's not talk about sizes, who has a bigger... account, lol
      My account on sigma is a 12mil TS account, on beta it's 32mil TS... I can't honestly say that my beta account is 3 times better, not even twice as good.... it's slightly better - slightly lower building times for troops and ships, higher research, higher walls.... that's about it. So size/TS, as I've played this game with accounts of all sizes, is not that important. Any account higher than let's say 3-4 mil TS can be a very good account, depends on how it's built. What's important is what you can do with what you have. I can do a lot... you probably can't.

      Ikariam is a war game. If you just want to build, you should play SimCity (hope i got that one right, lol... never played it, but i'm sure there are pure building games one can play). If you want respect of the server, whichever server you are on, you should learn all facets of the game and that includes fighting, pirating, strategy, teamwork etc.... If you or your alliance lack knowledge in any of the mentioned categories, you cannot claim that you are the best, that you are no.1... because you are not, it's as simple as that.

      (Just like saying that your warehouses are so full that it would take over a month to deplete them.... that was not smart. Don't think anyone will attack you now and try to take those resources, but on the new server... that's a completely new ball game.... so start spending your resources fast! lol)

      As for decaying off and def scores... of course they get lower daily if you don't fight. It's simply a system to keep players active, nothing strange there. As I said, it's a war game. You need to prove that you're no.1 all the time.

      There's really no point in me going on explaining the mechanics of the game to you. You've learnt one part of the game and never bothered to learn anything else, it just shows lack of interest on your part. I like the game, I know a lot about the game, and I'm also aware that there are better players/fighters than me, so I still have something to learn.

      To paraphrase General: Those that know, know they still have a lot to learn - if they are smart. If they are not, they will claim that they know what they know... until somebody proves them wrong. :)

      Need to add something here:
      1. pillaging gold was possible at the beginning of the game, so 8 years ago... at some point, GF decided that only resources could be pillaged.
      2. players decide to quit the game for various reasons - RL takes precedence, they get bored with the game, they don't like other players on the server, they are fed up of being bullied by some players - especially if they have small accounts, etc.... if one decides to quit, high TS or good 'skills' do them no good..... Hulk / Zen of MRVL decided to quit about a year ago, he had a huge account, about 30 mil TS ... what good did that account do to him? And he actually had some fighting skills... he just got bored, that's it.
      3. Avenger is very much present on sigma.... but you're not interested in the game enough to even bother to find that out.

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    • landian wrote:

      the account that i have on sigma is not my main account. That one is on beta and it's almost twice the size of your account here, so let's not talk about sizes, who has a bigger... account, lol

      It seems that you're comparatively more proud of your account on Beta, so let's talk about that account instead. On January 14th, 2016, your Beta account had 29.7 mil TS, while my account had 13.8 mil TS. Now your Beta account has 32.1 mil TS, increased by 2.4 mil , while my account has 18 mil TS, increased by 4.2 mil. It doesn't take much maths to figure out how long I'll be able to catch you up at current rate. I admit you are a better fighter than I am, but speaking of spamming TS, you're nowhere near me, and I am, of course, nowhere near those crazy min-maxers in EIMU, most of whom have less than 10k GS and never went beyond 1k Offensive+Defensive score for years. You might claim that, as long as you wish, you could easily spam TS faster than I do. In that case, I'll also claim that "as long as I wish", I could defeat anyone in SnM. Since it's just open the mouth to make declarations regarding hypothetical situations without providing supportive evidence, anyone can do that.

      EDIT: by the way, POFF is merely #2 on Beta, EDMW is #1 on Sigma. Of course, starting from the conclusion that "EDMW can't be #1 while POFF should be!!!", it's always possible to construct some twisted standard/criteria to make those arguments.

      landian wrote:

      Ikariam is a war game. If you just want to build, you should play SimCity

      I think the limitation of maintainable forces and decaying of Offensive/Defensive scores clearly indicates that Ikariam is designed by GameForge into a game that is intended to be played as SimCity instead of a war game. But, as I said, you can view it differently, and I don't mind, because however much you love to fight in this game have little direct impact on me.

      landian wrote:

      but on the new server... that's a completely new ball game

      When I came from Ypsilon when it was merged into Sigma, I worried about just that. It turns out that I personally participated in much fewer wars than I had on Ypsilon. I think the new server I'm about to visit can't be that much more active than Sigma was in November 2014.

      In fact, if people just read CRs on the forum (which is a grave exaggeration: most people in my alliance visit the forum no more than once per year), they may arrive at the wrong conclusion that Sigma is a heated war zone. I have been on Sigma for a year and a half, and some of the troops in my army as well as some of the ships in my fleet must have been with me for all those 18 months, because neither my army nor my fleet has been annihilated even once. In fact, my GS haven't been reduced by more than 30% on Sigma, unlike when I was on Ypsilon when my GS was reduced by 90% a couple of times. Landian was right, I'm not at all enthusiastic about fighting. But on the other hand, I have the choice, the option not to participate in warfare. And it's not just me. SnM has given the impression that they've preyed on our alliance for years, then how about making an exhaustive list of all the members of my alliance that SnM has ever attacked? I don't know how long that list might be (because I've hardly paid attention), but I know I am not on that list. Actually, even now, I have Culture Good Treaties with FOUR of the eight members of SnM, including Landian herself (and I've honored each of those CTs, refused to revoke them despite pressure from the general of my alliance). This is a perfect example of how pacifistic Sigma, and the entirety of Ikariam, actually is, so I don't think the new server will be drastically different.

      landian wrote:

      Avenger is very much present on sigma.... but you're not interested in the game enough to even bother to find that out.

      Well, I admit I don't have the time to memorize every player that is outside both Top 100 TS list and my alliance. What did Avenger do on Sigma that has a chance to impress me? Educate me, and I may remember more next time I meet him.

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    • Pony wrote:

      For example, when I saw the statement of this "Avenger", I checked back my islands, and I don't think any one of my current neighbors is him. Maybe what he claimed is true, I don't remember, but as of now, he has left Sigma, or at least left my islands, so whatever superior skill and knowledge he possesses has no impact on me
      lol. your forge island with level 37 mills. where you are since merge with 0 donations. i upgraded those mills from scratch. That was Unholy ancestors alliance island when sigma server started. unfortunately all payers are gone except me.
      since you came there in SnM you leeched the mills. leeched the miracle several times, didn't respond to any messages. even little player in island had to attack your port to get your attention. so i have moved my towns from island because you messing up miracles all the time.
      it all shows how active you are. you have no knowledge of your island forget about server and clearly you are not qualified to comment on happenings of server.
      before merge i was in top 5 TS in sigma. because there were no wars or fights so all i did was build. after merge there was new life in server so went back to fighting. building is not a skill to boast. Its just a thing to do in ikariam.

      Alpha - RUN

      Pi - Bane, SnM

      Gaia - UN

      "Real life? Never heard of that server"
    • OMG, now i know what people mean when they complain about reading long posts.... sorry, PONY, no wish to read through it... managed to get through the first paragraph and that's it.

      I see that you are quite interested in the sizes of accounts and alliances.... for me, it doesn't really matter... you can say whatever you want, all i see is that to you size matters a lot.... i'm more into strategy, techniques.... (hope nobody has a dirty mind here, lol). You're a hoarder, that's fine. I'm not and never will be.
      From Avenger's post I gather that you're an extremely selfish builder, which means you have done squat, counting from the time you started your account, for anyone beside yourself in this game . Which also means you deserve absolutely no respect from anyone on sigma. Your 18 mil TS account comes from other players donating to the mills, pits, vineyards etc which you so thoroughly abuse.
      (for anyone who wants to check Pony's overall donations on sigma - prntscr.com/b876qq - a big fat zero! )

      You're a leacher in this game, PONY, that's all you are.