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  • Its not that easy to make a gen bank + they have about 40 gen banks already built it would take us over a year of no conflict to build that many much less even getting that many accounts to build by which time they would have 80 or 90. They don't play the game they play to cheat and GF doesn't give a crap about it. It doesn't help when GF bans your account for circumventing multi's but you have had no contact with your multi's. But when you speak out against GF and the cheating they allow guess you can expect to just be banned for no reason.
  • You can also expect to be treated with contempt by GF representatives on the board for having the temerity to suggest that the Iranian merged accounts have taken cheating to a whole new level.

    The fowarded suggestion to inhibit Black Market sales for seven days after vmode will put an end to most of it at a stroke - and no need for GO Tools