Ambrosias by regions.

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  • Ambrosias by regions.


    How come that price for Ambrosia in Europe are cheaper than price in Middle East?
    It can't be reasonable since gross domestic product per capita in, for example, Netherlands are 49,166 Int$ (14. position) and here for 5.5 USD dollars are possible to purchase 50 Ambrosia, but in Jordan gross domestic product per capita is only 12,123 Int$ (92. position) and 30 Ambrosia cost already 5.0 USD dollars.

  • Quartz wrote:

    Actually, US$1=E0.9 which is greater than the difference shown. Are you sure there wasn't a 20% extra or similar offer in one region?

    4.99€ - 5.59$, to be 100% correct. so 5.59$ for 50 Ambro and 5.00$ for 30 Ambro.
    No, I'm sure that offers visible in screenshots are not with a HappyHour™ or with any other "discount" deal.
    As far as I can see and understand it's some greedy business here. Isn't it?
  • Vergry wrote:

    The images in those screenshots show two different monetary systems...thus, the difference in "price".
    I suppose the same. Do we know, how they have to tax their incoming? Are they taxing all incoming in Germany or in that country, where they got the incoming?
    They see me spammin', they hatin'
  • ADAM wrote:

    Should all be the same Price.


    Meaning it should have Equal Rights !!!!!!!

    Yeah because that's fair, right? Nope, it's anything but fair.
    There is a country pricing active so that it's actually fairer to everyone in the end.

    It's hardly fair if for example a poor country such as Portugal or Argentina etc. has the same prices as a wealthy country such as Germany or the UK. Sure, looks fair in the beginning, everyone gets the same. But for a German 5€ hurt much less than for a Portuguese for example. Same goes for countries where people earn the same in 3 months that a German or a UK citizen would earn in 1 month.

    Country pricing is fair and makes sense. No further discussion necessary.

    Thread closed.