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  • Warning Removal Guideline

    Warning Removal Guidelines

    How to question a warning received:
    We try our best to keep these forums clean and proper, and do that by issuing warnings for posts that are in violation of the forum rules. It can be, however, that you don't agree with the warning that has been issued. If this happens, you should firstly contact the Moderator who issued it, and try to resolve your issue and get the reasoning behind it.

    If you can't reach them or your issue does not get resolved properly, you can take it higher up the chain by first contacting the Super Moderators. If you don't get your issue resolved properly by the Super Moderators, then you can contact a Board Admin. The Board Admin decision is final.

    How to remove old warnings:
    The board has been around a long time and many users have also. However, people change over time and what they posted a while ago may not reflect how they post now.
    As such, it makes sense to allow people the option to remove old warnings on their accounts as it's no longer relevant. This guideline provides the mechanism for people to get their old warnings expunged from their records. It will be as if they never got the warns to begin with.

    Warnings that can be removed by this guideline fall into 3 categories. Minor, Moderate, and Major. You can have your warnings removed if you are warn and ban free for as long as declared based on the highest warning type you have:
    • Minor = 1 point. 3 months
    • Moderate = 2 points. 6 months.
    • Major = 5 points. 1 year.

    As such, if you only have Minor warns, you can apply to have your warnings removed by being warn and ban free for 3 months. If you have a Major warn, you can apply to have your warnings removed after being warn and ban free for 1 year.

    To have your old warnings removed, contact support and request in our support system. All requests for warning removal will be examined and will only be performed at the discretion of the Super Moderators or Board Admins.

    En.Ikariam.Com Board Team