Cinetheatre - a fantastic new invention

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  • Cinetheatre - a fantastic new invention

    Starting with 02.06.2016 there is a new cultural feature: the Cinetheatre!
    Use this unique opportunity!

    Do you ever get the feeling that your workers are losing their motivation? Not to worry! Your culture committee has erected an innovative contraption on the edge of town, a fantastic new invention they're calling a ‘Cinetheatre’. Between 02.06.2016 12:00:00 and 08.06.2016 23:59:59, you can show your workers all the latest from the world of entertainment. They'll show their gratitude by getting stuck into their work with renewed vigour!

    [Although initially cinetheatre was for a limited time, since August 25th 2016 cinetheatre will be staying in your cities on a permanent basis.]

    It can be seen in mines if it is active or not, and the percent for production increase. In this example picture it is zero and not active.

    The offer is valid daily for the announced period of time and has 3 options valid for one town only each day. One is for the saw mill, the other for the luxury mine and the third for 150 favour points.
    For each of them you have to watch a little movie to get the bonus. At the end the option is activated. The first 2 options are active for 12 hours and only apply to the town where you watch the video, and the third one is valid until the end of day.

    Starting with ver 7.8.0 applied on 24.08.2017 the third option is valid since the end of week (each Sunday, 23:59)
    Note that to gain any favour, you must have a Palace.

    You can start by going to daily tasks and clicking the little picture on the row that says: Screen the cultural feature in the Cinetheatre!

    or you can click on the new building in town

    In order to view the movies you should deactivate ad-blocker and/or script-blocker; you should also check for flash.
    At the end of the movie the bonus is activated and you can click the [x] in the upper right corner or any other place to continue the game or click "Play now!" to go to the game presented in the movie you just watched.

    After that you can check if it is active in town view and/or island view.
    You also get a notification in town advisor with a text similar to this for every bonus:
    You have activated a bonus in the Cinetheatre:
    Building material production + 20 % for 12 hrs

    In island view it is shown by a plus near the mine

    and in the mine

    At this point you have one bonus active and two more to go.

    Repeat same steps for the other two options and the daily task will be finished and rewarded. You have time till midnight to redeem it as usual.

    In town view you can see if the bonus is active if there is a plus sign near the symbol of each resource and in the tooltip

    When no movies are available the curtains are closed.

    Enjoy the new bonus!

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