Can't abandon colony

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  • Can't abandon colony

    General Datanot important

    Basically I was pillaging from a mobile on the warserver. After I was done, I sent all my troops to a nearby ally city, and sent them home from there. There are NO troop movements to or from my city, yet it still says there is, therefore I can't abandon it. The city I'm talking is named ITS PAYDAY. You can see my General guy that there are no movements regarding that city. (The one named Polis is a different city, I had it blocked on the same island.)

    Account Data (in Options ingame)
    Server/World: Ares
    Player-ID: 5659
    InGame Name: Waffles
    City-ID: 17073 (for ITS PAYDAY)
    Exact ingame time or approx. time frame, and date: from like 0:30 server time. (2016/06/28)
    CombatID (if you can): no combat

    Other/Further Information:

    Screenshot (please do not alter):

    The error message:

    The general guy:
  • Seems like you managed to abandon it early this morning (game time).

    Rekt wrote:

    The general guy:

    Your ships moving out of Polis, did they not come from "ITS PAYDAY"?

    ITS PAYDAY -> Polis
    the town ITS PAYDAY is considered to be the returning town. Here you should have changed the returning hometown before moving them out.
    Polis -> Secret Evil HQ

    As a result you cannot abandon ITS PAYDAY.
    You'll Never Walk Alone