How does the population of the inactive players decline?

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  • How does the population of the inactive players decline?

    As we all know, if an active player accidentally let a town of his/hers run out of wine, satisfaction in that town will drop to negative, and it'll start losing population. The lost part of the population will be subtracted evenly from his building material miner, luxury good miner, scientists, priests and idle populations.

    From my understanding, a town of an inactive player, unlike those of players in vacation mode, still consumes wine. And when the wine inevitably run out, the satisfaction will drop to negative. If that is the case, will it lead to the declination of the population in those inactive towns? If it would, will the lost population be deduced from all departments evenly, just like in the case of an active player, or will it be deduced differently?

    I ask this question because I've observed an inactive player on an island of mine for over 24 hours. Apparently the number of workers he has in the Forest and the Quarry hasn't changed, yet my spies told me that those towns have run out of wine since at least 2 days ago.
  • I don't know how they decline, but if it's on pi or rho there is an Festival of Worlds, which means even if he ran out of wine, satisfaction may have not dropped. What I know for sure is resource mining is reduced by half when you are inactive.

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  • First of all, there is the thing Cassiopea pointed out. Second, population don't drop evenly;priests are not affected till the very end, and the others' drop varies:
    In the above, out of 171 citizens dropped, 33 are wood workers, 80 are luxury workers, 11 are scientists, 0 are priests and 46 are idle citizens.

    Another point is the drop paste. The above is an example of an (in the start) -11 drop per hour, for 18 hours.

    So, if on Pi or Rho, wait for the bonus period to end, then check and write down the number of workers on both wood and luxury, wait for 2-3 days to pass, then check again.

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