Cultural Treaty premature availability issue

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  • Cultural Treaty premature availability issue

    General Data

    Browser (+full version data): n/a
    Extensions: n/a
    Did you try deleting the cache/cookies?: n/a
    A summary: I have started three Museum upgrades and been offered two CTs before the Museum upgrades completed. A player should not be able to offer me a CT if I have none free. It would seem that CTs are being prematurely marked as available.

    Account Data (in Options ingame)
    Server/World: s2-en / Beta
    Player-ID: 250066
    InGame Name: Quartz
    City-ID: n/a
    Exact ingame time or approx. time frame, and date: 2016-08-16 19:20
    CombatID (if you can): n/a

    Other/Further Information:

    A CT should only become available once the Museum upgrade is complete. I have not lost any CTs from inactives. I was not able to accept any of the CT requests.
    Alpha: member of Pirate's Cove.
    Beta: Leader of United Galley Slaves.
  • I´ve never used it, but I guess if you refer to looking for CT partners with the help of Ambrosia, then I expect you will only find those having open slots.

    Otherwise, as far as I remember, you´ve always been able to send CT offers to anyone regardless of their availability, up to the number of free slots you have yourself minus the number of still pending offers (those you sent + the ones you received but didn´t accept or reject yet)