How to stop Barbarian from attacking me again and again ?

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  • How to stop Barbarian from attacking me again and again ?

    I have Barbarian villages lv ~20 on all islands. The problem is they sometimes assault me even when I've stopped attacking them for a while ?( (probably nearl a month). It's really annoying and makes me fell unsafe. So how can I stop them from attacking me ?
  • Bah what foolishness is this! Appeasement hah .... stronger walls better trained defenders a will to impose our order on those dirty and ignorant savages.

    You deem yourself to be a sovereign? You do not have the fortitude to take the path of greatness! Be glad you live in a time of such ideas not in days past.
    <3 Ratna

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  • Honesty is a kindness extended to allies and foes alike. One should be informed of the consequence of their actions both good and bad , this aids in the followers understanding more accurately the motives of their leaders. We consider entering into a covenant a sacred bond be it a declaration of Peace or a warning establishing borders or expected behaviors.

    <3 Ratna
  • Level 20 barbs only bring about 18 rams so just park some balloons in each town. I don't know exactly how many, but I have 30 in my town and it's enough to prevent level 40+ barbs from breaching. It only takes me 3 rounds to finish off their catapults. Ofc my wall is level 40 so that helps. Once their siege units are destroyed their infantry slowly kill themselves against your wall haha. So load up on balloons or pay them the tribute to go away. Note that you will have to pay them the tribute on each island that they're attacking from. Station some archers or gunmen in the town to finish off the infantry quicker too because it could take 80 rounds or more for them to die on your wall alone xD.

    EDIT: Oh and forgot to mention. Barbs attack from level 10 on so they won't stop anytime soon. A barb village only drops a level maybe once every 2 weeks if you've stopped attacking them. Maybe more than that. I stopped attacking level 50 6 months ago and it's only down to 42 now. So you're looking at plenty more attacks coming ;).

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  • Reignman wrote:

    A barb village only drops a level maybe once every 2 weeks if you've stopped attacking them.

    Well, one of my Barbarian villages has been level 10 for over a year now I think, and it isn't dropping lower. They occasionally attack me or the mines, although this is utterly rare, and at this level they don't stand a chance of breaking my walls. I never bothered attacking them after getting it to this level 10 in fact, and only booted them out of the mines when needed, without signing a ceasefire of any sort.

    Did anybody see their Barb village drop back below level 10?
  • The barbarians can reach up to level 50.
    Once a barbarian village has been defeated, it will increase a level.
    This increases their fighting capabilities, as well as the amount of loot stored in the barbarian village.
    If the barbarians are left in peace for a certain length of time, then they will disarm and lose a level.
    On reaching level 10, the barbarians will not sink any lower.

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