The Mentalist, mental indeed !

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  • The Mentalist, mental indeed !

    So I avoided doing this topic a while ago, because I assumed we moved on, but it seems some people just think they are of a higher class than other human beings, and that they can do whatever they want / say whatever they want/ with no consequences .
    I'll be brief (probably not :p ), but Charon needs to know what kind of person this guy is.

    1- Few months ago, when msm was founded, The mentalist asked Rose to join and she vouched for him, Akran was then a founder of the alliance and he warned us about him, Rose took her chances and let him in at cost of Arkan leaving (yes same Rose this guy is bashing/attacking).
    2- After few days, it was clear what kind of person he was , insulting players and assuming he knows everything, until i stopped him and got him back to his normal human size, he left the alliance, and declared war on the world.
    3- 4-5 months later, he shows up at 3am my time to kill my barb farming troops, make arrogant posts about it, and try to attack me for about a week.
    4- Ofcourse he posted 4-5 Crs that matter to him, he didnt post the other 20 he wasted 3-4 rounds on empty towns, all the gold his spent which is 10 times the value of goods he looted (and threw to sea he did from a mobile with no warehouse) , and, he forgot to post the couple CRs he lost.
    5- he just assume he is better and was so clueless that when that was happening, I upgraded my palace TWICE, moving/spending/making 7M resources in that week ! I just left him to assume he is doing great, I even left my army in my capital so he can kill some (and run away after) so I continue with my palace upgrade.
    6- He failed to mention that the way his attacks ended was when I pillaged the hell out of him for a full night and then he stopped cause he realized he can't do much.

    Finally, emotional blackmail ?! you mean I am a decent person and I have friends while many despise you ?
    I made a deal PHNX in piracy, you just wanted to break it, and since you joined them you were hiding in their member's towns.
    I have been planning to quit ikariam for a while, and told many ppl (including your leadership) that I will quit after piracy, but I decided to extend it little bit since you were trying so badly to ruin piracy for me, raiding my feeders, pillaging my mobile "in your area" (yes ppl, Charon have locations the mentalist own).

    Moral of the story: What goes around, comes around, when you are being an "****" someone is bound to screw you in an unfair way, now i will teach you that in Charon, hopefully you will learn from this and humble yourself in real life to avoid real problems (so you see, I am helping you :P )

    PS: I find it strange phnx members still keep mentalist in their alliance, I have came to know alot of great ppl in there, so my advice to them is to let him go, he is not a team member, just someone standing behind them and throwing stones at ppl !