Army Compossition?

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  • Army Compossition?

    Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me set up an army of both boats and ground units. the army will be provided with gold from 8 towns with lvl 30 town halls.

    Would be awesome if you could help me seting up an army.


    As far as i can see lvl 30 town hall will provide an incom of 3 326 gold per hour times 8 = 26 608 gold per our hope thats something you can work with=)

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  • If you have level 30 Town Halls, then your net income is 9978 gold per hour in each town without any research. Every citizen produces 3 gold per hour.
    In case of 8 town this is 79824 gold per hour and not 26608 as you wrote.
    But you can check easily, if you click for this icon on the top left corner:
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  • What do you want out of your military? Are you at war? Are you looking to pillage? Defend against random pillagers? That's important info to know as it determines how large a force you'll want. I'll also recommend you go either ground with a tiny navy or navy with a tiny ground, not both.

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  • You're doing it wrong. :)

    While you should always have a basic army to raid nearby inactives, it's more effective for you to team up with someone and have one of you - the one with higher points - concentrate on the army and the other on the navy. The reason for the player with higher points to have the army is that that is the one who will do the pillaging, and so can give resources to the other player without contravening the Pushing rule.

    If you don't fancy teaming up, build a navy and a horde of Spearmen. Then, when a ground fight is in the offing, build your army, then decommission the spearmen to replenish the population.
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  • Also with pillaging, I find great success with spearmen and mortars by going after the weak. If you find an inactive, you can hit their empty town and if you find a farm, odds are they won't really have an army.

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  • ill talk from my own perspective as a navi person .
    u will need a basic army in ur towns or probably if ur towns r closeby then u will only need one basic army .
    check the battlefield spaces for ur own towns or for the towns of ur casual rivals or farms and set up the frontline accordingly . u wont need a flank or ranged line as u will only pilage semi actives or inactives . also make sure u have the artilary strong enough to break the walls in the first rounds cause u wont have the mind capacity to care about maintaining ur land army. :D .

    for the navi .Go ahead and build a sea frontline of Fire ships thats enough to double ur own frontline and mix them with a full frontline of Steams . then triple ur own flanks with rams . ( u will need to wave steams so keep that in mind in addition to the fielding priority of ships )

    have 2 ranged lines of mortars and one of catas then 3 lines of rockets . ( ur catas will be better against BCs and mortars will be better against steams always stay flexible with ur choices . and dont forget to wave in longer battles )

    20 tenders will be enough to keep ur morale up ( as far as i know )
    then build around 100 paddles and a dozen BCs .

    This is from what i saw or needed in my own server till now .

    Feel free to go around the forums or external websites to confirm or change anything . also this all depends on ur gold income and i currently have no access to my account so can't get u accurate numbers but thats the general idea.

    Also if u wanna go for land army then u can pretty much switch this recipe and apply it into land units . with only a few frontline ships in each port to defend from casual pilages .

    Disclaimer : this "recipe" is self made and as a human i am still learning and lacking experience . if u find any issue or have any suggestions feel free to post .
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