Which alliance/players do u respect the most ?

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  • Which alliance/players do u respect the most ?

    I have seen this thread on a different world forums and i think itd be a good idea to hring it up here .
    So please let us know which alliances or players do u respect the most on the server and why .

    i will start by saying that i respect :
    - -DOM- : maybe its because they r the first alliance whom we actually fight . i have seen them working together and even though they had some trashtalkers . their teamfighting was solid and they have a bunch of honorable players who i am looking to fight again.

    -Hannibal Lectar ( SPQR ) : he led his alliance in a respectful way . and still he didnt depend on them for most of his fighting. And he is a good fighter with decent experience .

    There r more whom i really respect but thata for now :D
    "More hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than in the name of rebellion " ~C. P. Snow

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