Best Island(s ) Resource?

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  • Best Island(s ) Resource?

    First, I'm playing again after a very long hiatus. Kinda relearning the basics again and catching up to the latest patch.

    Secondly, when was this kind of patch implemented? I mean the current barbarian in every town you have. I find it pretty useful at the same time not sure as to what kind of resources to prioritize.

    Thirdly, I am currently at Dionysos, My 1st town is at marble. I still planted my 2nd town at a marble, is this still a good choice? I remember this is a pretty viable option back in the days I played.

    Lastly, what would your recommendations be for my 3rd and succeeding towns?
  • Early in the game starting with 2 marble is alright, 3rd city should be wine, because you need to increase population in the cities, and you need wine (and taverns) for that... you can build the first 3 city kinda fast so it doesn't really matter what order do you build them, but in general 2 marble 1 wine is quite good of a start.

    After that, you should go for sulphur for 4th and then a crystal as 5th town, because you will need those ress for governors and other important stuff. (Unless you use ambrosia to convert your resources, or maybe buy them... but let's not get into that.)

    From the 6th city ... it's really up to your playstyle ... I'd say marble is the most important, then wine if you just wanna build and gain total score, but if you fight a lot, maybe a 2nd sulphur ... or if you wanna do experiments and researches crystal ... but you should know when you get there. :)

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  • Two marbles in the first four is valid. If you do that going for marble-marble-wine-sulfur-crystal I prefer wine as the 6th one compared to marble though.

    Also make sure to look for good wonders too. Mine levels change. Wonders don't.

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  • Xarius wrote:

    Depends on playstyle but i would go...

    Marble :thumbup:

    You will need more wine especially late game...unless you win piracy constantly or you can pillage more than enough...but both are situational so probably worth having at least 3 wines imo, if not 4
  • Seems you all forgot how important is research and academies in the early game - imho, crystal should be second or third island.
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  • TeachMeIkariam wrote:

    Thanks guys! I've decided to go marble, sulfur, wine and then crystal. That's it for now.

    I hope I'm not wasting reso/population/gold/time in raiding barbarians. I'm currently at level 12.

    Nah, barbs give you a good amount of resources, they are worth pillaging :) especially when half of the server is in godly protection and you can't pillage anyways
  • Choosing an island, it depends on what kind of style each player wanna play. Most fav miracle islands are still hepa & poseidon.

    There's no good or bad island actually. The same as what kind of building the player wants to build in each town. I see some players prefer to have high museum building level and choose more marble island which reduce wine consumption. As for the needs of crystal& sulfur, as the account growth, swap using only 5 ambrosia is the easiest way, they said! well... your choice, your decision, your account... ;)

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