Android Ikariam app research cost

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    • Android Ikariam app research cost

      General Data

      A summary:
      My app says that the research cost of Wine Culture is 336 (same amount as expansion) points. The website says that it's only 220. Is this known to the devs? Does this mean that you actually pay more research when using the app?

      Account Data (in Options ingame)
      Server/World: Dyonisos
      InGame Name: Maxx



      EDIT: I checked and it seems to be case with more researvh subjects. Improved resource gathering costs 1204 on the app, 990 on the web-version.

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    • Hi Xivius,

      Thank you for reporting this - information is forwarded to game developers. :)
      Found a bug or think something doesn't work in the game? Don't be afraid and write a ticket or PM me! :)

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