Battlefield size (land)

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  • Battlefield size (land)

    So according to the in-game help section, battlefield size depens on the level of the town hall. A town hall at level 1 allows three front line sections, three long range, one for seige engines and no flank. However, when I attack this lvl 1 town, the battlefield has the size of that of a lvl 17+ town. So do I miss something? i will provide screenhots if required.
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  • Every town has a specific garrison, if the troops present in town exceed that limit, a full scale battle is set both for sea and land troops. Here is the formula for land since you asked for it.

    250 + (50 x townhall level) + 50 x town wall level

    Now if troops exceed the result of above formula, full scale battle is set until the troops number reach to the result of formula or become less than it. As soon as this happens, wall appears. Once you break the wall, the normal slots of that occur within garrison limit appear.
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  • got it. thank you. so that's why my my carabinets got slaughtered. i do know about the garrison limit but didn't know that a battle out of town wall would have a full size battlefield. should have read the wiki more carefully.
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  • it isnt too easy to always guess the garrison limit right . so id suggest u keep some flank in reserves either ways.
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