More Options for Cinetheare's bonuses

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  • More Options for Cinetheare's bonuses

    General Information:
    It has been a while since the Cinetheatre became a part of the game and it has served as a daily reward for active players. While there have been oppositions to the implement of the Cinetheatre, it has been accepted by the majority of players, and those who opposed at first, have now used this feature; otherwise, they would risk being at a disadvantage

    What are you suggesting?

    More options for the bonuses. That doesn't mean that there will be more bonuses, only more options. Players now can choose what they want to get for their bonuses instead of being limited to resource production.

    Suggestions for new reward:

    Research bonus. This will help in the late game where researcher type of players are not really active. With this bonus, they can boost their research progress and may be a bit more active.

    Satisfaction bounus: This won't help much if you want to save your wine. However in time of war, when you need to replenish your citizen quickly and you don't have a Demeter's garden, it'll be extremely useful.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?

    Player can now choose the bonus that suits their current needs. More players may decide to log in daily to use the feature.

    Suggestion Reason:

    The Cinetheare can be improved to serve its purposes better. Those who still have been ignoring this feature may think again. There may be more daily logins and more active players

    Special Notes:

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  • How exactly would it work? You'd have the three videos I'd assume since you didn't mention increasing that. Would you then play the video and then choose which bonus to get, only allowing for 1 of each bonus within the 12 hour period?

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  • yup you would still have the same number of videos and number of bonuses. after watching the video, you would got to choose the bonus you preferred.
    cursed are those who spam

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