Artillery vs Front line units

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  • Rams are enough to kill hops, for SGs you can use catapults or mortars. However if you are afraid of enemy balloons killing your mortars, it's best to just use catapults or even rams against SGs. SGs will take more and more losses every round if they are not waved.

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  • thanks for the reply..

    By rams, you mean equal amount of dmg to the enemy? Im not against a player who uses balloons,yet. I would lke to know if I can send mortars agains hops or sg's. Like should I send mortars just to make sure I get the upper hand against my enemy? Well, we are actually just using hops and no sg's yet. Just wanna know the facts.

    Also, just so long as I have morale, even if it is 5 morale left, my troops won't scatter, right?
  • When you can, it's always best to field morts no matter what they have as a front-line unit...unless your opponent is fielding balloons.

    If they are fielding balloons...
    ...and you field battering rams; you will have no losses as long as your forge is running.
    ...and you field catapults; you will suffer some losses but the additional damage you deal with the cats makes up for it in my opinion;
    ...and you field a mixture cats/rams; the damage from the balloons seems to be funneled to the middle and you actually lose almost almost as many cats (and deal less damage) as you would if you would just send cats.

    Keep in mind that the above is a base line. Forges, waving, morale, unit upgrades, and the presence of doctors all affect the above.
  • Rams deal enough damage to kill 1 hoplite, so whether you use rams, catapults, or mortars, its all the same thing against hoplites. The reason rams are superior against hoplites is because they have more hp so won't die as easily against balloons and also because they are cheaper to maintain and build.

    Whisper of times past.........
  • I tried attacking barbarians comparing mortar vs ram in terms of barbarian deaths per round.
    These were the results:

    Round 3 to 5 (no round 1 and 2 since i have to kill all the walls first)
    mort ram ram
    98 - 93 - 87


    mort mort mort
    103, 98, 94

    The enemy barbarians were axe swingers as their front line. They are considered as non upgraded hoplites, right?