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    Does it only apply on the town where it is built?

    Is it like poseidon? Does is boost all of the travel time (trading, attack/port block,pirate raid)?

    How many should i build? What kind of island? Should i build them on my poseidon?

    Sorry, still a noob.
  • 1) yes. It applies only to the town where it is built. It applies to operations started there, but it also affect recalls from deployed units (red arrow when reviewing stationed troops/ships) to the town where it is built.

    2) it is not like Poseidon by the above. It combines with Poseidon though.

    3) it boosts all travel time involving ships, cargos or warships. It does not affect pirate raid's speed.

    4) you can build as many as you want. If you have several colonies on the same island or same cluster, maybe you only need 1 there. Up to you.

    5) It doesn't matter whether you build on your Poseidon or not.

    No problem with being a noob. I still feel like one at times.
  • don wrote:

    if your are a navy player or a pirate than only it can be helpful for you.

    well, these are cases in which it can certainly be helpful, but there are others:
    - if you are a trading player, exporting and importing goods to/from far away, the SCA can certainly shorten your missions, allowing you to perform more with the same ships in a day (of course depending on your own available time);
    - if your colonies are far apart, that can also help ship resources (e.g. wine) to those pioneer of the far west;
    - even if you prefer land troops for wars, or simply for pillage missions, every speed gain is very much appreciated

    Regarding my first point, what I meant is: it normally works when sending ships, cargos and warships, from the town where the SCA is.
    The other effect is that if you occupy a port or town, or simply station in an alliance owned port of town, you have an option to recall in the town view, see troops in town. It is indicated by a red arrow, and one of your towns is indicated as origin of the troops or ships you deployed. If this town has an SCA, you will benefit from the speed gain as well.
  • I use Sea Charts in all towns...time savings without Poseidon, level 29 SC on towns 20 islands away (normal for war situations & moving resources after pillages).
    Merchant ships 2-3 hours
    Balloon Carriers 4-5 hours.
    With full Poseidon speed is massively makes having BC's not such a drag on fleet deployment.

    But each to his own..I personally would not be without them now.