Minor: improve 'Display Building names' to indicate warehouse capacity limit

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  • Minor: improve 'Display Building names' to indicate warehouse capacity limit

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    General Information:

    This feature would simply be a minor convenience, allowing the player to answer the question, "Which buildings could I upgrade?" more easily.

    Currently the 'Display Building Names' feature shows the name of the building in red if you have insufficient resources to upgrade the building and green if you do. I'd like to see a minor adjustment - the name in bold red - to indicate insufficient Warehouse capacity to upgrade that building, just like the message you get in the Upgrade box when you double-click on the building. This would only apply to viewing your own towns.
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  • I say yes

    Town Hall - Red - Not enough resources to upgrade
    Town Hall - Bold Red - Not enough Warehouse/Dump capacity to hold enough resources to upgrade
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  • Hopla wrote:

    Once a suggestion is approved, it gets 90 days to be discussed. If your idea is very well received by the Ikariam community and players feels it is merited, then it will be moved to the Reported Suggestions forum. For a suggestion to get into the Reported section, the suggestion must receive more than 80% upvotes, minimum 12 out of 15 votes, after 90 days of being active.

    90 Days + have passed, More than 90 days was given due to the merge we lost our polls... unfortunately this community (or any other community at this point in time) have not given enough votes for it to be moved into Reported Suggestions. Therefore, I am going to have to reject this suggestion.

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