Town wall level for certain level of town hall

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  • Town wall level for certain level of town hall

    What is the best level of walls for my level 18-23 town halls?

    Currently have level 20, i must say it's way better than a level 19 wall, has very high accuracy. So, should I aim for level 30? I mean at what level again can I get a higher accuracy town wall?

    Assuming my enemy will attack me with 24 max level siege + max level forge, can he destroy my walls using 24 catapults? If he used 24 mortars, how many rounds can my wall lasts?
  • I wouldn't really worry about the wall's accuracy if I were you. Each piece of the wall will kill 1 unit if it does enough damage to. For wall level, it really depends on your neighbors and how much you get attacked. I wouldn't prioritize upgrading the wall if you are in an isolated place and rarely get attacked. A level 20 wall will take 53 damage (without forge or upgrades) from each catapult. The wall should last about 4-5 rounds vs full forged catapults and less than 2 rounds vs full forged mortars.

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  • The point of the Town Wall is to keep the riff-raff out. Once you get beyond level 25 or so it really doesn't matter until you get to level 40. You're immune to Rams. If the enemy has mortars they're going to breach the walls. But if they've only got Catapults, then it's going to take them a long time. Theoretically, Catapults can breach a level 39 Town Wall (156 armour) if boosted by the Forge (159.6 damage), but they'll take a very long time indeed (18 rounds for 30 Catapults) so the enemy will need 114 Catapults without waving. At level 40 you're immune to Catapults, even when Forged.
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