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  • Lets talk about it...

    How far does the server should go to consider it as inactive and ready for a merge?
    Even central islands on good miracles are half empty and it's hard to fill them up with SPQR multis. We have decided to delete our donation accounts one by one to help this dying server - taking out at least 100 active accounts will leave some impact on this case. The time for equal competiton is over and we are ready for departure.
    We want to know - how low the server should go to start thinking of a merge? ?(
    Demeter's Board section is boring and inactive as well.

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  • Too busy these days but still, I love demeters because of my friends in this server. And my friends love demeters because I am too busy. (IRONY)
    Leader of UE Psi Retired Undefeated

    Leader of ELITE Apollon Retired Undefeated

    Former member of N-F but now in TMM, Rho.

    Member and sometimes Saxy General of _UE_, Demeters

    Allianceless in Pi.

    BLACK in Gaia.

    Leader of -W- in Hades

    Democratically Elected Chairman of Men Power Council (MPC) in spam section.

    The shit has sailed already!