Andronicus: Coming back after 6 years

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    • Andronicus: Coming back after 6 years

      Heyo. Name is Andronicus and I used to play this game 6 years ago. I quit because I got bored, and I'm sure that will happen again soon. Anyways, here's a quick history.

      Back when I was on this game and forum, I was sorta a little prick...excuse my French. I was not enjoyable to talk to and I threw all kinds of temper tantrums. Got banned several times and almost perma-banned. My signature is still disabled cause it says "This post has already been reported." >.>. *ahem* Mod's, if you could unlock my signature, I'll change it e.e.

      Anyways, when I was first on the forum, my name was Andronicus, then it changed to Hatred, then back to Andronicus, and now I'm trying to figure out how to change it to Andro. I left the forum never to be seen again (thank god) until I matured. Now I am back cause I am bored like hell and I am feeling nostalgic.

      6 years later, I am now currently a Police Officer in RL and get bored as hell. So I came back to Ikariam so I can play on some down time. Just joined Dionysos.

      Also, I joined the UK worlds...but I live in the USA. >.> haters gon' hate.

      That's about it. Nice to meet you all. And to some of you...nice to see you again.

    • i guess you are bored in rl because all the criminals are playing ikariam :P
      and so there is no crime and no criminal .

      what you will do if you find the mod , who banned your sign , in RL ? will you arrest and charge him with some IT law ?
      btw you should talk to BA or SGO , they can remove your bans :P
    • Welcome back! :)

      I think I remember your signature fro those days but I'm not completely sure. :P

      Anyway, my usual questions before Rainy ask hers:

      Do you watch/read anime/manga? If yes, name your favorite(s).

      Do you play any games beside Ikariam? If yes, name your favorite(s).

      My signature is a precious gift from Atina :love:
    • @don: Cops make the best criminals. I should fit right in ;) and if I find who it is, I'll just give them a plea deal.

      @Kirika: I do not watch or read anime/manga. I personally do not like it.
      I used to play all kinds of games 6 years ago...but now I have barely come back to the gaming world with this game
      as the first one.