[Contest] Ingame Items up for grabs!

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  • [Contest] Ingame Items up for grabs!

    Dear players,

    we have a bunch of nice ingame items you can get your hands on and there's only little you have to do to grab a chance to win one of these!

    Your task is simple: think of an achievement! Note that this does NOT mean your suggestion, if it wins, has to be implemented to the game. Your suggestion has to fulfill the following requirements:
    • the achievement can not exist already or be a plain copy of an already existing one
    • the achievement has a name and an explanation text making clear what needs to be done to get this achievement (see existing achievements for examples)
    • your suggestion clearly states whether there is a reward for your achievement or not, if so: what?
    • send your suggestion via email to contest@ikariam.org
      • the subject of your mail HAS TO BE "Contest Achievement", mails with any other subject are disqualified and can not take part in the contest
      • suggestions not fulfilling the aforementioned requirements can not take part in the contest
      • your mail text needs to fulfill the aforementioned requirements and contain mention of the server and account for your potential reward in case your entry wins
      • you need to send your suggestion from the mail address associated with the account you'd like your reward on in case your suggestion wins
    • every player can only submit ONE suggestion, in case you send more than one suggestion only the last one received counts
    All valid entries have a chance to be rewarded:
    • 3 x Item "Premium Trader"
    • 2 x Item "City Move"
    • 3 x Item "Vermin Plague" (7 days)
    • 3 x Item "Terrible Tax Advisor" (10 days)
    Each contestant has a chance for ONE of the mentioned rewards, meaning there can be 11 winners.

    Deadline is 19.01.2017 17:00 CET!

    All valid entries have a chance to win. The winners are randomly chosen. Winners will be informed via email, therefore it is vital you don't use a trash mail but a mail address you can actually access.

    Good luck!

    Your Ikariam Team

    Terms of participation
    The duration and deadlines concerning the contest are as mentioned above.
    Employees of Gameforge, their relatives as well as voluntary team members or employees of companies Gameforge has cooperations or business relations with are excluded from participating in this contest.
    The winners are randomly chosen.
    In case an entry does not fulfill the aforementioned requirements for valid entries in this contest it is excluded.
    Exchanging the rewards for money, Ambrosia or other goods is not possible, nor is transferring the reward to others.
    The data provided by you in the course of this contest is deleted right after all winners have been informed and rewards have been given out.
    Recourse to the courts is not permitted.
    Furthermore the T&C of Gameforge 4D GmbH apply.