Improvements causing logout followed by login failure

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    • Improvements causing logout followed by login failure

      General Data
      So, yesterday, whilst waiting for an improvement to finish, I had the remaining time open, I got a series of messages that you normally get if you lose connection, so closed app.

      When I oppened again, logged in, I just got sent back to lobby, tried hourly in app and and on phone browser ( unable to secure connection) and finally got in about 10hrs later.

      App worked fine on a different account (.fr)

      Also tried creating a new account incase I accidently activated VM in pocket, same problem.

      => Today, same thing, waiting on improvement, and it went weird, unable to login via phone, Tethered phone to laptop and cannot login either. However can login on different network. Different Network allows me to connect on phone. But still no access on the original network.
      Still receiving notifications on phone..

      Rebooting did nothing.

      Account Data (in Options ingame)

      - What Tablet/Mobile Phone used (exact reference)? HTC 320 desire
      - Which operating system version? Android version? iOS? Android 4.4.2


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    • One of many cases when only changing network, resetting router or waiting for several hours can help - something went wrong on server or provider side and because of that player is unable to login from the specified IP.
      Found a bug or think something doesn't work in the game? Don't be afraid and write a ticket or PM me! :)

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      (c) Albert Einstein
    • Ok,

      So, I've reproduced this using a different network provider, and an ally has informed me that they've been locked out for 6hrs now.

      I feel very frustrated because when it first happened I lost out on a really good looting session.

      Please will GF fix this and the others that you've hinted at?