The defend town hole

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  • The defend town hole

    General Information:

    What are you suggesting?

    Allow town owners to boot town defenders out of town.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?

    When armies / navies park at a town via defend town (or port), the owner of the town will be able to send them away.

    Suggestion Reason:

    At present, enemies (and others) can use towns as parking spaces in two different ways. 1.) They can occupy a town or port, defeating any military that gets in their way, or 2.) getting access by going in via defend town. The latter is quite irritating when the invader using defend town is an enemy ... or unwanted guest - a "squatter" if you will.

    Anything else you want to add.

    The idea of defending a town suggests a friendly act. It might also be strategic. It's also very irritating when the game has no defense against enemy squatters who may then use the town as a hiding place or to launch attacks against friends / allies. Defense of town should involve accepting the town owner's hospitality and permission. The answer to the conundrum seems dirt simple. Allow the town owner to decide whether a town defender is welcome or not. Give the town owner a one-click option to boot defenders out of town.