Version 0.7.6 - New changelog (Starting 06th March 2017)

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Your Ikariam Team

  • Version 0.7.6 - New changelog (Starting 06th March 2017)

    Dear Ikariam Players

    The following are several modifications and bugfixes to the current 0.7.6 version.

    Modification: You don't need to validate email addresses anymore to access game features
    Modification: Each validation of an email address will give reward of 1000 gold
    Modification: You cannot enter a name to register an account on
    startpage anymore (you may do so in tutorial or later on in the game)
    Modification: Tutorial got adapted to increased costs of building speed ups
    Modification: Piracy rewards will be quartered for evaluation ending April 2nd 2017

    Bugfix: Checkboxes in combat report converter should work again
    Bugfix: Link in inactivity email should now be correct
    Bugfix: You should now be able to convert capture points with premium on mobile devices that use tablet view
    Bugfix: Correct costs for colonisations on premium spots should now be
    displayed even though you don't meet the requirements to colonise
    Bugfix: Description of premium spot should now contain the correct costs
    Bugfix: After purchases in zshop the display of gold/premium lost it's formatting till next reload

    Your Ikariam Team.

    You'll Never Walk Alone