My troops disappeared

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    • My troops disappeared

      My troops disappeared after I attacked a barbarian village.

      On my last report, I just lost 3 spearmans. My generals is 0. My ships came back with the resources.

      There is no way to register on the support (another bug) so I can't send a ticket. (This is why I'm complaining here.)

      I would like to have an answer as soon as possible, any minute without my troops I am slowing my progress.

      Account Data (in Options ingame)
      Server/World: United Kingdom/Eumonia
      InGame Name: John
      Exact ingame time or approx. time frame, and date: 22:18:20
      CombatID (if you can):

      Other/Further Information:

      Screenshot (please do not alter):
    • Hi john,

      Have you checked your town advisor if there isn't any message about your troops? Did you have enough gold for these units?
      Found a bug or think something doesn't work in the game? Don't be afraid and write a ticket or PM me! :)

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      (c) Albert Einstein