• War

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  • -DOM- vs SIGMA

    Leader of -DOM- here and I am declaring war on SIGMA.

    War will start on monday 19th at 12:00 server time and will last for 10 days, ending on march 29th.
    We will send you gauntlet war proposal in the meanwhile and we will count both resources and generals lost.
    Generals lost will be counter by gauntlet and resources on board, so posting CRs will be needed.

    Reasons :
    1.) You are 3rd in total score
    2.) You have too much players and they havent been tested in battle ( 34 )
    3.) You have too much generals which are not used properly and are just for show off ( 180 000 2nd place )
    4.) I dont like how passive you are and free targets.

    Ending terms:

    1.) 10 days war time starting on monday ( march 19th ) at 12:00 server time.
    2.) You put on your external page that -DOM- dominated your a$$ or you disband your alliance if you dont want to be ashamed.

    -DOM- stats for now : 5th in total score , 3rd in general score and 16 members ready to fight.

    MasterDisaster, Leader of -DOM-