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  • App for forums

    General Information:
    An app for the forums

    What are you suggesting? I'm suggesting there to bean app with notifications for the forums.

    Suggestion Reason:

    im suggesting this because I believe it would benefit the game and the community. The current forum is awful for mobile devices. Using features like the search bar can be a struggle due to the clutter around that bar, and I often accidentally press the wrong button.

    The more important feature would be the ability to get notifications.
    Not only would it benefit gameforge by getting me updates and sales information faster, but would allow me to follow important threads like my alliance thread or war threads without having to constantly check it using the bad mobile version there currently is. Allowing players to select which sections to notify about would also make cultural treaties section more efficient.


    Do you have a picture/render/screenshot of what it might look like? A visual aide always helps an idea come to life.

    Special Notes:

    Anything else you want to add.

    EDIT - Moved from Game Suggestions to here- Board Discussion as this suggestion is for the forum - not the game - Hera
  • Since the board is based on WBB platform and it doesn't provide any kind of application (at least I as far as I know)... we should live with the responsive design.

    Notifications - there is an option to subscribe for the board and topic, not much but at least a notification to the e-mail.
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