Board Update to Version WBB4.1

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Dear users,

please note that we have a new forum now. You'll find it here.

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Your Ikariam Team

  • Board Update to Version WBB4.1

    Hello Ikariam Board users,

    This is to inform you that we will be updating to a newer Woltlab Burning Board version, WBB4.1, on the 27th March 2017.

    As a result, this board will be temporarily closed for maintenance on this day. We do not have a timeline as it will depend on the amount of information to process across-the-board.

    In addition to this inconvenience, we will also lose ALL board private messages (PMs) prior to this date. We apologise for this, but this is unfortunately unavoidable. So, if you wish to keep certain messages, you will need to copy them and store them locally yourselves.

    Thank you for your attention and your understanding.

    Your Ikariam Team.
    You'll Never Walk Alone
  • As a result of an unexpected issue arising, the board update will be postponed today.
    Unless announced otherwise, this will be rescheduled for tomorrow.

    Thank you for your attention.
    Your Ikariam Team.
    You'll Never Walk Alone
  • Hello to EN Ikariam Community

    Welcome (back) to our brand new Board. We hope you like it, and that you will (continue to) enjoy your visits, your discussions, and your conversations.

    First of all, we would like to thank you for your patience and understanding concerning the time taken to put this board online (it was rather long!), but due to several issues arising over this period of ‘migration’, it was unavoidable.
    As a first gesture upon logging in, please clear your cache and cookies as the old board cookies are not accepted. It needs new fresh ones. :cookie:

    Your Ikariam Team
    You'll Never Walk Alone

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