Hello, it's Elizayne

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    • Hello, it's Elizayne


      Well, here I am, rediscovering this game after not playing on gameforge games for a long old time (I use to play Warpfire until it went down the drain, I was known as -Skullcandy-). I made my account a few years a go but didn't really play. However, I'm now in mundane job where the IT guys haven't blocked anything, yay for me!

      Who am I? I'm Elizayne (not my real name but pretty close), almost 22 from the UK. Who are you?

      p.s if anybody wants a cultural goods treaty I'm all ears, citizens are turning into alcoholics over here, they need some art in their lives :P

      edit: Also, I'm aiming for a kind non-violent gameplay, so I'll probably be going democratic in the future. Would be interesting to hear thoughts on this.
      Where has all the rum gone?

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    • My form of government is Theocracy, which aids in cool-down time & satisfaction as I use miracles almost constantly (Hephaestus & Poseidon ) and others often (Demeter, Athena , Colossus). I might start a new account on Alpha , I will look for you if I do.

      I have reached a working equilibrium in terms of CTs so the turn over is no real big problem.
      <3 Ratna
    • Both of those sound good, mainly I just want to keep away from being a dictatorship. I'm still on Ikacracy at the moment until I am confident in my decision. Just trying to build everything up to a somewhat decent level before doing much else.

      Sweet, let me know if you do. My capital is at 37:37, I don't have much but I don't mind giving you a little boost to help out :)
      Where has all the rum gone?
    • If you fight you don't want dictatorship but theocracy.

      When fighting permanent poseidon is useful, without theocracy you need 30 levels of poseidon for that. That means 6 towns. For forge you want 4-9h cooldown. Without theocracy that means you need 25-30 levels. Or 5-6 towns. You also need one at least one colossus to use now and then.
      But with theocracy you get an extra few towns to use as mobiles or whatever. It's worth it.