Medium Sized Army & Navy

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    • Medium Sized Army & Navy

      It's been a very long time since I've had to fight on this game, so I've basically forgotten what a good troop and ship count is. Does anybody have a guideline on what a good "medium" sized army and navy is? There used to be a guide on here with a decent guideline but I can't seem to find it (or it was deleted in the migration). Thanks. :)
    • i'm ready to see all the replay this is a good question jake thanks for that .

      for me i like hiplot that what we have from long time now i'ts named phalax

      as for me when u upgrade a soldier build it and make the attack that way u will see between the old and the new soldier what is the best .

      as for navy i don't have any experience
      Best regard .
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    • I believe a little bit more info on your current standing and the server's status would help.

      For instance, on my server and without going into details, an army of a 3.000 units for an individual is considered a "big" army and a fleet of more than 700 ships is unseen yet. That is because my server was launched ~3 months ago. On another server, the previous numbers would be an insignificant battle.
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      Well when it comes to navy, how long do you want to last on which size of battlefield? That's how I looked at it when I would build that up.

      Enough mortars to keep up the firepower (taking into account flagging to reload for longer battles),
      same for PSBs,
      having about 30-50 tenders around at each part of the battle,
      40-50 PWRs for ~20 rounds,
      rams being = (base number able to be fielded during one round) + (1/2 * (based number being able to be fielded during one round) * ((rounds you want to go total) - 1))
      I personally liked having 50ish BCs
      And flames were calculated as = (flames to fill one block) * 3 * (number of rounds you want to go)

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      Yeah thats very good question , i shall ask if anyone knows the change of the battlefields depending on the levels of the townhall , probably its somewhere here in the forum , but till now i seem to not have come across it somehow....
      After knowing whats the change probably we can count how many rounds is ok to fight depending on the gold amount , when we wanna have full battle lines ...
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