The Syndicate [SYN]

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  • The Syndicate [SYN]


    Based on role-play, divisions and the aim to profit in all scenarios, SYN offers a variety of roles, duties and ranks for its members. Whether you focus on building bunker cities while playing passively, or if you're bloodthirsty and looking forward to pillage all kinds of players, or even if you're into diplomacy and role-play, you will find your desired ambiance within our roster. Ranks and roles are limited however.

    The more you pledge time and dedicate yourself to The Syndicate, the more you get new tasks and supervision duties on other members. It is known that SYN respects all of its members and considers them equal - However, some members are in charge of others; these few members are Team Leaders of their specific team and role.

    As you go deeper, you will realize the advanced ranking mechanics of SYN.


    We've sworn an oath to protect the freedom of speech of each member. As our Council represents the executive order in our alliance, all members could criticize and question the decisions or procedures conducted by this Council.
    Thus, we've created a ranking system that preserves and balances power, authority and diplomacy.

    Ranks and their duties are hidden for confidentiality and to keep our project unique.
    As for Raiders, they have the freewill to attack whoever they want, whatever alliance member the desire, we offer them loads of funds in gold and resources in order to support their army abiding by the Pushing Rule.


    The Syndicate offers you the right to vote on several crucial topics that affect the whole alliance. Whether we're going to war or simply defending another alliance, you'll get the chance to share your opinion via vote submission.
    Some polls are about organizing circular messages, agreeing where to post reports, how to share CTs, etc. Whatever could bring a touch of satisfaction to you, will be done.

    Each poll and its topic has to be approved by the Council before being voted on. That is, when the four Councilmen decide to vote to pass a poll to the rest of the alliance.


    SYN requires all of its members, without exception, to be available and active on its communication app.
    We record and archive coordinates of other cities, including other alliance's cities. We record and archive spy reports of armies, potential unprotected loot and several other things that could benefit us.
    Not to forget the weekly organized raids, coordinated on this communication app.

    Only applications submitted using our online application, supported by Google, will be reviewed.
    Players are asked to submit this form, in order to have a small, quick and efficient meeting with each candidate. Some questions, with a wrong answer, will directly close the application and inform that applicant that he does not meet the core requirements of SYN.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Have a question? Would you like to discuss something?
    Please contact our Diplomat in-game.

    Last update: 14/06/2017
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