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  • What's wrong with this server.

    I have been playing Ikariam for 8-9 years and play in many servers. Demeter is going to die and for 1 reason. SERVER bullies and cheaters. What's wrong with this picture? The top 8 accounts ranging from 7 mil down to 2 mil are all ROW members. The bottom of the top 50 is 600k. ROW had to get that way from multi accounts cheating. I have caught some of there multi's and they got some banned. Still they pray on the smaller players and double team them with combined TS of 7 mil. They are going after a player under 300k and multi attacking them. This server won't survive with this kind of Players / Alliance. GF needs to take a closer look at this Alliance if they want this server to survive. The difference between top and bottom is way too wide. I have watched many, many players get driven out of this server by ROW members. WAKE UP GF !!!!!
  • Ever since the beginning of every new server, people have been finding ways to unfairly gain benefit to boost their score. Nobody likes a cheater, but when an opportunity to cheat is wide open, I dare say most will cheat if they know they will get away with it.

  • You could always report the players that you believe are cheating or circumventing rules via a chain of other players. But once you report them, that's it, the GO will be the one to decide and I don't believe they'll tolerate any rule infringement.

    In my opinion, my personal opinion, I find it normal to see this scenario on some servers - Let's say all or most of these players started from day 1, all linked as friends, they managed to boost their alliance themselves and dominate the ladder. I find Eunomia an incredibly fun and competitive server because the Top 3 alliances are equally strong, the Top 50 gap is tiny. Even the alliances between Top 4 and Top 10 are in a severe competition without the interventions of any Top 3 alliance to keep things fun.

    I find your accusation of top players vague without proper arguments/proof, I doubt that you've reported any suspicious accounts.

    You can report them here.
  • Whats wrong is that people are waiting for others to act . u keep waiting for the GOs to ban or for other players to fight while u sit. watch. and dream. "You" here is not urself its just anyone who thinks with the mentality im mentioning here and i find many to be like that.
    Those who left were not " driven away by RoW" but were driven away by their lack of interest ( so they left the game) or lack of spirit and will to fight ( so they left the server).
    So Yes we report potential breaches but we also fight in our own ways to rise and change.
    "More hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than in the name of rebellion " ~C. P. Snow

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