Gauntlet War

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  • You would have to send a gauntlet war between yourselves individually. So if you're thinking of Bob and Joe vs Mary and Sue for example you'd do

    Bob requests to Mary
    Bob requests to Sue
    Joe requests to Mary
    Joe requests to Sue

    (but more because you're doing five)

    And if you were thinking Bob vs Joe vs Mary you'd do

    Bob requests to Joe
    Bob requests to Mary
    Joe requests to Mary

    I don't play any servers anymore, I'm just here for the spam and
    :xeno: :xeno: :xeno:

    badidol wrote:

    Dammit, this thing dies darned slowly.

    badidol wrote:

    Go and check the permissions the Facebook app wants, I dare you
  • Deizel wrote:

    so number one should send 5 message to other 5 player from the other team

    and so on
    Yes but the reports will be individual. You'll have to calculate everything at the end, unlike the alliance vs alliance gauntlet war.

    But I'm not a fan of having enemy and allied towns shared for both, I like the old way.. If the other party refused, you'll either have to ignore them or proceed with the war carelessly.