KINGs vs Nol

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  • We have no wish to be dragged into your war but we will keep our towns ports free from both sides . we have asked this for a very long time town and yet our members in the area currently have ports blocked . we are now taking action to free those ports and would prefer to avoid further actions with either side of this war but we will not allow our members to be occupied or used by either side . if you are in our towns you can avoid us being involved by getting out before we land . we are sending a token force for now to free our towns in hopes you guys will see reason and move out before we land . if it is needed for us to become more involved that is what we will do but doing our best to avoid this .
  • our enemy use your city's member to attack us, If our target is your members in would be pillage.. we just ask you to didn't any help them
    our movement is not offensive for POFF members, it just control the war .. please be patient
  • Poff legitimately defended their neutrality about which Kings and PGA were initially contemptuous.

    NoL did use a handful of defend naval reverse manouvres after Poff towns and ports had been occupied, but we didn't pillage or occupy our Poff island mate - I have enough enemies for now...

    Most Kings/PGA enemy in area have now removed mobiles or gone into "celebratory" vmode

    It remains the case that many Kings/PGA play in unusual and changing styles - almost as though different people take turns operating the accounts! Who'd have believed that eh?

    I suspect as well a few are running unlinked Proxy Type IP Multis - very hard for GO Tools to detect I'm sure

    Bennie has an unusually intimate knowledge of the island in question seeing as he has been operating many clusters away versus NoL islands in neineggs fifeeggs area - but he has now at least fled with his surviving navy - we're hunting his land forces; Imperial Deliverance Imber Seal Crack Commando Rangers are in the area having been inserted by dive boat (L50 Workshop Research upgrade "Easter Egg" turns your dives into stealth troop carriers for a short while, plus gold and ambro)

    I've met some really cool cats in Ikariam and some rum ones - the last couple ofyears post .IR merge I have seen the greatest number of boasty gloaty cheating psycho crackpots I have ever encountered.

    Many of them have had mysteriously dis-appeared from our radar with a red x in the town name before total removal. Not sure what that means.

    Happy Days