Pillage and multies

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  • Pillage and multies


    I need clarification on these message i received in-game

    - By not connecting accounts that share the same network/IP is considered as a violation.
    - By circumventing IP-shared accounts via a other accounts, is also a violation.
    - Using an agreement between players to raid, attack, to obtain resources, to each other's multi accounts is also considered as an offense

    item no 1 and 2 is clear, but no 3 , can someone further clarify ?

    Situation :

    we are in an ally, some of us got multies nearby our core island or in the main islands. These accounts donate resources to the island.. and also getting pillaged by members (not owners) .. and those who have multies basically pillaging each other .. we have been doing this for sometimes because from board reading, it seems everyone is doing it. Though i can see people get banned for feeding piracy point thru multies, pillaging resources is not (or maybe i cannot find any).

    Are we allowed or not allowed practicing this ? we dont have any set of aggreements, it is just 'open season' for everyone.
  • In your case you and your allies acknowledge that these multis belong to you or them, thus profiting from pillages is breaking the Game Rules by trying to dodge what's forbidden, using other players.

    Direct interaction is not limited to merchant ships, it envelops any interaction of any type of units between the two players.

    Please read the appropriate Game Rule below.

    Game Rules wrote:

    1. Multi Accounts

    • It is possible to maintain several accounts on one and the same server. These have to be announced to us by using a game internal function. Direct interaction between these multi accounts is not allowed. Circumventing these rules via other players is not allowed.

    Your case also refers to the fact that these multis (lower Total Score) are somehow feeding your main accounts or your allies' main accounts (higher Total Score). This is against the Pushing Rule which forbids bigger players from profiting from smaller players with or without their consent. That is if your allies have created or are using these multis solely for their own benefit.

    Please read the Game Rule below and the detailed scenario from @iotsak

    Game Rules wrote:

    3. Pushing

    • It is not allowed to gain an advantage at the expense of weaker players. A player is considered weaker if his total highscore is lower than that of the accused.

    iotsak wrote:

    - What is not allowed is the abuse of a higher score account benefiting from small accounts created for the sole purpose of being attacked, with or without the consent of the lower accounts, irrespective of whether an agreement has been made between two players.<br style="background-color: rgb(245, 227, 194);">This also includes the pyramidal systems within an alliance or accounts, for example, collecting capture points from those smaller accounts (again created for the sole purpose of being attacked) for the sole benefit of a higher score account.

    I have lost some allies because they weren't aware of some detailed rules. Now I've spammed our alliance forums and announcements with game rules - Please abide by the rules and believe me the profit you or your allies are gaining now will cost you the loss of everything, including the many months of building and developing your cities.

    Thanks to @Antikythera for the details.