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  • General Information: Rules

    What are you suggesting? - When game rules are made , then they shall not be subjective , and every case to be treated in a different way. General rules of the game , shall apply for every single player on ikariam.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system? - People will have rules , and they will not count on nothing else like , are you in a good mood today , do i get banned or just warned :)

    Suggestion Reason: - New pushing rule is unclear and it has no specifics , nobody knows whats right and whats wrong. This rule appears to be subjective and in the end it seems like there is no rule at all.

    Special Notes: nothing personal , but i know many GOs play as players on different servers , what will happen if they decide not to like you , and when the rule is subjective , then people are out of the game very easy ? :)
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