Fleet distribution

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  • Fleet distribution

    I'm wondering how do you guys distribute your flleet through your cities when you're away... I used to keep something to hold around two rounds on each city and keep all the rest on the capital.

    Any thoughts?
  • What I use to prefer was to have my fleet in one city, preferably the least likely to get attacked, and tenders in another. Then in the rest of my cities I'd have 1 paddlewheelspeedboat as that allowed me to do it once and forget about it.

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  • I remember people normally hide it in the most unlike city to be attacked or the city that is close and which can get help very fast. Also they used to separate it , so when they battle , they do not have a round at all , coz it momentarily goes in the air (i do not know if it is still possible). so its like normally separated into 2-3 cities.( I definitely agree with Kaleg , never keep anything that gives morale around when you do not wanna fight)
    I personally do not like the idea of separating it in every city for 2-3 rounds , because this way it is easier for people to attack you and kill it piece by piece without even having a real fight. (example --- if you are sleeping and you do not have your miracles on , then you do not loose some rounds in one city , you loose many rounds in many cities ... )
    --- i feel like editing this post coz you seem like a person who likes to keep main army/navy into the capital ... most people will look for your capital on a reason , and they will fight there on a reason ... so here comes the question ,,,what do you do with that knowledge :)
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