Android Mobile ikariam app

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  • Android Mobile ikariam app

    General Information:
    the android app or mobile app is very bad and glitchy and was created a long time ago this suggestion includes creating a much better app starting a fresh i think ikariam users agree that use mobiles that the app on android phones is bad and ios phones - i use a browser on my mobile because it is that bad to play on the app - the app used on tablets and iPad is great i notice like the IOS app

    What are you suggesting?
    Creating a totally new app for ikariam for the mobile users one that is implemented from playing via a browser but on your phone much like the Ipad version
    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?
    it will help ikariam mobile players play more efficiently during battles there will be no more glitches if the app is seriously thought through and for the PLAYERS
    Suggestion Reason:
    the original app is <X the amount of bugs and things you cannot do on it is unreal this suggestion can help our user interface making the game a better experience for the end user ( US )
    Special Notes: