Under attack, what to do?

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    • Under attack, what to do?



      I'm being attacked by a much bigger player than myself, I've just seen most of my resources have been swiped. They haven't hit my capital yet but I'm sure they will soon, every other town has been struck.

      It seems a little unfair to be totally at the mercy of a player so much bigger. I've sent them a polite message and some wine to ask them to please back off but is there anything else I can do?

      The attacker is bh127_D3 [PANDO] - is this a common thing for this alliance to pick on smaller players?

      Thank you in advance
      Where has all the rum gone?
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      I had been away for a work trip so just missed it all by half an hour! Warehouses are okay but they don't seem to save much :(

      The attacker has replied to me by sending 1000 wine (I sent 500) so I guess this means peace :D
      Where has all the rum gone?
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      Elizayne wrote:

      The attacker has replied to me by sending 1000 wine (I sent 500) so I guess this means peace :D

      Well if you're smaller, you actually broke the rules by sending him wine. One of the rules, the pushing rule, prohibits smaller players from sending a larger player resources without getting resources in return. 9It also prohibits demands from a larger player to extort too.)

      As for what to do, there are a couple options.
      1: Turtle up
      2: Ask for help
      3: Strike back

      1, Turtle Up: Get all your resources below safe levels. Have 1 spearman and 1 slinger in each town and 1 paddlewheel speedboat (or ram ship if you don't have the tech). This causes your attacker to not get anything and waste time.

      2, Ask for Help: Many larger players will help a smaller player if you have a relationship with them. See if you can get help to take him on.

      3, Strike Back: I'd recommend naval to take ports as large ground players generally don't go for ships. Doing this would create a severe hassle towards your attacker and get them to back off.

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