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  • I think it all depends on how you play. I think most of the time colonies 1 and 2 will be marble. But some might opt for wine to get in citizens fast. More recent updates to the barbarians however think stops the need for 2nd town being wine though.
  • Dr. Hannibal Lecter wrote:

    It's all about the style - there are players with 11 Colonies and 0 Marble towns but they still have more Marble than you can imagine or would have it yourself.
    ^^ guy I use to play with only had wine colonies. He was first in the world.

    All about how you play. And where you plan on getting your resources from. If you're just going to sit in your town and build probably should get 1 of each resources first.
  • First of all, every player has his/her own style, no one better than another, it depends on the way each player play his/her account.

    If i were you, I will build my second town on sulfur island if the first town landed on marble island. This is needed to build your Palace & Governor Building after wood & marble resources for level 2, you will need sulfur for level 3. I dont have to suffer from corruption because I will easily have Palace & Governor at level 3 with sulfur resources. As for wine, I dont need it at the beginning since keeping my Town Hall at level 5, later on yes of course wine will be needed. Third town, I will build crystal and fourth town I will build wine. After all type of resources, feel free to choose the 4th town on marble island.

    I have seen players build all their towns on marble islands, keeping his Town Hall at level 16 and build high level of museum to keep the citizen happy on each town without wine.

    I have seen players build all their towns on wine islands too and doing barter and buying for other type of resources, as well as using ambrosia to swap resources.

    ...and I have seen many players with different style than those I mentioned above. The choice is yours. It is your account and you can do whatever you think suit your style.

    Last but not least, you can carefully choose island with most popular miracle being used by players, Hephaistos Forge and Poseidon. But it does not mean you can not choose other type of miracle, I am just saying "popular miracle"... and I have seen players build their accounts with all towns at Colosus islands, and I have seen many more style... :)
  • Yuk collossus. Don't get him on that hahaha.

    But like which resources miracles are also down to the type you want to play. And I have seen much greatness in all miracles given the situation. However the miracle is abit off topic to what he asked.

    If if he's still reading maybe you could tell us how you like to play and then we can give more tailored advice from there. Not knowing well you are going to get tons of different answers.

    As marble was 1st colony technically don't need sulphur colony till 3rd colony. So could go crystal and have a science boost.

    Me personally abuse the barbarian system at the moment and also play with no museums so I went
    Not for everyone but that's my play style at the momen (if you play with no museums I would recommend getting the wine towns sooner. I only just made it lol)