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    Your Ikariam Team

    • Message from the Portfolio Manager

      Dear players,

      today we'd like to be the messenger and bring you this message from the responsible Portfolio Manager for Ikariam:

      Dear Players,

      it’s been a while since our last message, so today we wanted to give you
      a little update and bring you up to speed on all the latest
      developments, plus give you a preview of what’s in store for Ikariam.

      In our last message we mainly talked about barbarian fleets, achievement
      rewards and alliance wars. We introduced the barbarian fleets into the
      game a short time later, and the first achievement rewards have been
      available to you for some time now. Nevertheless, there’s still a lot
      more work to be done here. We’re putting a lot of thought into this
      topic, and it’s possible that we’ll make more changes in this area in
      the future. On the other hand, we’ve had to put the issue of alliance
      wars onto the back burner. It remains on our development plan, but for
      the time-being at least, the focus lies elsewhere. There are other
      priorities for us to deal with, which partly comes as the result of our
      internal restructuring from the tail end of last year.

      Our last big change came at the end of last year with the introduction
      of our new shop and the associated inventory. The inventory in
      particular was an important foundation stone as it enables us, for
      example, to work on achievement rewards which don’t start as soon as you
      unlock them. We have more shop optimisations and features in the
      pipeline, and as you may have already noticed, we’ve been making a lot
      more special offers. These are helping us to test out the shop’s
      capabilities and ultimately find a sensible balance for events. In this
      regard, we don’t want to limit ourselves to special offers, but also
      broaden the range of events offered. Our plan is to conduct some
      analyses, and gather the raw data we need to fine-tune our events to
      suit the communities. Being able to customise events is an important
      element for us, and in the future we may even offer certain events
      specifically to targeted players or groups, in as far as these are
      useful for their current situation.

      The next item on our list deals with the issue of server settings. In
      our opinion, new game rounds can be of great benefit to the community
      when they also offer a variety of exciting options. These game rounds
      could provide quicker construction/training times for buildings and
      troops, for example, or perhaps faster travel times, higher satisfaction
      levels, overall increased speed or lootable gold. More features are of
      course possible. This allows us to offer a more varied gaming experience
      and give even Ikariam’s veterans something new to try out. At the same
      time, we’re also considering how to tackle the issue of server merges.
      We haven’t decided for certain whether this will take place
      simultaneously, but we’re well aware of the problems of game rounds
      gradually emptying, and will explore the possibilities of merging
      together different gaming rounds within the communities. Depending on
      how things develop, we may also offer the option of merging different
      communities together, as long as this seems sensible and the communities
      are in agreement.

      As already mentioned, the alliance war topic remains on our radar. We’ve
      already developed a number of concepts of varying complexity, which may
      include both PvP and PvE elements. These range from ‘real’ wars in the
      game, including preconditions, custom rules and victory conditions,
      right through to new zones which alliances can conquer and hold to
      receive handy bonuses for their members. We’re still partially in the
      design phases here, but we would definitely start with the PvP side of
      things, as we feel these are currently of more relevance to the

      Of course, we have plenty of other ideas up our sleeves, including
      upgrades for units, entirely new units and buildings, a crafting system,
      and even server events which could have a direct impact on happenings
      in the game (e.g. earthquakes!).

      We know there are a number of areas in Ikariam which have room for
      improvement, the long-term motivation for playing being just one
      example. But we’re far from finished with Ikariam’s development, and we
      intend to stay hard at it!

      Best wishes,
      The Ikariam Team