Hide an atack

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  • Hide an atack

    General Information:

    Is triggering me so hard to have the military guy always red because someone attacks me from 2 days distance with 1 unit. And I think is annoying for everyone that has to deal with this.
    There are 2 solutions for this:
    1. A check box near every attack, just like the messages have check box for mark as read, where you can check that box (check as saw) and stop that attack triggering the red light.
    2. Being able to see attacks only from 15 min distance.(Or maybe more, 20 or 30 min, but not attacks from 60 hours distance) So if someone attacks you from 60 hours distance you can see the attack only when they have 15(minimum) more minutes to arrive.(Maybe you can start with 15 min and have an already existing building that increases by a small amount the time you can see enemy troops every time you level it up)

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?

    1. Easier to see and prepare for an upcoming short distance attack.
    2. Easier to see and prepare for an upcoming short distance attack. Encourages attacks direct on the target with no need to use occupied towns, or allied towns all the time to attack someone far away from you.

    Special Notes:

    For those who say this is a strategy, good luck with using your strategy in real life, like sending 1 soldier to attack a nation, so that nation is not prepared when you attack with your entire army. Is more realistic if you can see someone's attack from a limited distance.