Help for sea battle's

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  • Help for sea battle's

    Hello guys :)
    First off all im not from this server, i dont play any of your servers, im playing other servers around the world.
    So to the topic, im facing the problems of winning the sea battle. I know how to make good army , and know how to rotat, but on here i see that you guys take advantage of something. And your opponents lose a lot more military than you. As far i know i should take advantage of 1 line like i want him to lose all Ballon carrier's right ? But what if i cannot do this what should i do ? Is any tactic of attack or of army composition i should look up to it ? I have hephaisto's forge on level 5, i have upgraded all of my ship's.
    So please help me solve this problem :) :thumbsup:
  • First its a pleasure having u around in the community .
    As for your question , I want to remind you that "a battle is won by the damage % and not the color of your report" (Hannibal,2017) . Therefore the exact size od your navi is not the main focus but it is how you use it.

    There are multiple strategies that people use to gain a damage advantage over their opponents but i will only touch briefly on them . For example waving in sea battles is used to wave in fire ships in the middle of steam rams to minimize damage to be recieved by the steams.Rocket ships are Only used against steams while subs are Only used against fires. You can also wave ur mortars to keep their ammo available.

    Generally i have no idea how u play the game in ur servers but these should be enough to get u going as you develope your own style.
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  • I think the above is a good brief discription on navy fighting. Run of that above bases and learn by doing and seeing I guess. You have got a really good bases with all ships being upgraded.

    One thing to note is keep an eye on the garrison size and try to also use it to gain an advantage. If you are in a battle and both waving fires and going 50:50. Jump the size of battle and gain the advantage as they might not expect it and may not have enough ships to cover all areas. (Ofc make sure you have. 21 fires to 36 fires and so on)
  • Here's a link to a guide I wrote a while back.

    Warfare Guide

    When it comes to the sea, the three flameblock technique is a key thing to use. That is sending in flameships to fill three blocks of the field each round, having PWRs for the rest. Those central three blocks will die, so why not have less valuable ships dying there? And as it was mentioned, rocket ships are only used against a 100% PWR front, subs otherwise. (There are exceptions, but you'll learn those as you advance.) That's because BCs kill your first-strike and rockets are more valuable than subs.

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