War-ships departure timer

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  • War-ships departure timer

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    General Information:

    The experience that Ikariam gives you about timing, accuracy and somehow a more 'realistic' touch than other games is fascinating. From detailed combat system to units, to buildings, time calculations, etc.
    There's one thing that bothers me when it comes to combat, the instant vanish of a thousand ships as soon as you order them to leave.

    This man could make 1.000 ships instantly disappear from his city with 1 click!
    Military officers hate him! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW.

    What are you suggesting?

    My suggestion would be implementing a timer based on specific ships. The timer doesn't have to ruin the experience of the players, but simply add a more realistic touch to the warfare.

    There are two ways to come-up with the perfect timer:

    1. Depending on the type of ships: For instance, a simple ram ship doesn't need any considerable time to load its weapons/features; 15 seconds to leave the bay of your city. Carriers would take 40 seconds to load the balloons and move.
    2. Depending on the number of ships: For instance, 50 ships would take 15 seconds to pack and leave; 500 ships 150 seconds (2 minutes, 30 seconds) and 1000 ships would take ~5 minutes.

    Again, why would 1000 ships leave the bay in a second while troops take time to pack their stuff and leave the island? If my ships reach the city port at 14:00:00 why would the enemy ships leave at 13:59:58 and dodge my fleet?

    "Oh look there are ships leaving the port as we arrive, meh probably not the ones our lord commander asked us to attack. Look! A butterfly!" - Said no admiral.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?

    Fleet movement will be more accurate and realistic.
    Navy units loading will be treated as same as land units loading time.

    Suggestion Reason:

    Make the naval warfare more realistic.

    Special Notes:

    We can discuss the timer's features, how to calculate timers for each ship or each number of ships. But the main suggestion here is to question your acceptance of instance fleet teleportation.

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  • Army can move instantly on island. What takes time is to load onto ships to move to another island. As ships don't need to load onto ships it doesn't take any time.

    Now I'm not saying what your saying is wrong I'm just saying there's logic for the system already. What I would suggest is a time for the people to get on the ships rather than a time per boat. 1 sec per 1 person or what not. But even on them timings it may get silly... 60 rams 1 minute... I had 300 rams in the last war alone. That 5 mins to load. Plus my 200 fire. I would rather my people sleep on there ships :P.

    I think the point is. At the moment as long as the person is online they can never be caught. Well you can spy to see where they are going and meet them there but yeah. System to make this not happen mmm I don't think it's needed.
  • I understand ur opinion . i too find it annoying to have enemy fleets disappearing few seconds before i hit. But this change will only be fair if also land units need to "load" when moving within the same island . Also keep in mind that warships already take more time to travel compared to land units so Navi players already have to struggle with the long timers.
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  • True about the troops and moving on land, but it takes no time to pick-up your spear and walk. I mean ships, they have to be manned and equipped before being unleashed to the sea, I don't think captains and their crew are sleeping 24/7 on the ships. Balloons also need to be loaded on land and stuff, but troops cannot instantly vanish from the island since they still have loading time to leave the city port.

    The increased timing for navy is not the case here, since the main issue remains that your whole fleet could instantly vanish from your only port.

    I'm so into role play lol
  • Hopla wrote:

    Once a suggestion is approved, it gets 90 days to be discussed. If your idea is very well received by the Ikariam community and players feels it is merited, then it will be moved to the Reported Suggestions forum. For a suggestion to get into the Reported section, the suggestion must receive more than 80% upvotes, minimum 12 out of 15 votes, after 90 days of being active.

    90 Days + have passed unfortunately this community (or any other community at this point in time) have not given enough votes for it to be moved into Reported Suggestions. Therefore, I am going to have to reject this suggestion.

    Thank you for your contributions. :)

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