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Your Ikariam Team

  • WeGiveYou [-PH]


    The Alliance was Founded by 5 Friends to achieve ONE GOAL:

    1. To Unite all Filipino Players in one alliance

    To attain this Goals the Council Elected Nomore as the Leader because of one Reasons: He has more experience in playing Ikariam than us.

    We don't seek WAR.

    • We are currently recruiting Filipino Players

    Jose Rizal wrote:

    Justice is the foremost virtue of the civilizing races.
    It subdues the barbarous nations,
    while injustice arouses the weakest.

    Contact Persons:

    Nomore - Leader, General
    RadeonIntel - Home Secretary and Diplomat
  • Good luck with your alliance.

    I hope everything will go smooth on your end.

    (it should go smooth since you all learned quite a bit from your time in SYN)

    I've quit the game already - so I'm actually not that updated, but in any case - BON VOYAGE to you all.